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Add video, audio, and embeddable media to your existing, static content. Our Guide format is also easier to navigate, chunked up, and mobile friendly.


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Our built-in editing tools are designed to help you refine your work. You can also notify your readers of updated content immediately.


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Build a dynamic community

Readers can engage with, comment on, and share thoughts directly within your Guide.


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See exactly who is accessing your Guide, what content they are reading, and where people are commenting in our custom reports.

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You set the price of your Guide, and you collect all of your earnings. There is no revenue-sharing model at Every dollar you earn from selling your Guide is a dollar in your pocket.

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You control the publishing schedule, and the price of your Guide. Update your content as frequently as you like. You are now in charge of your content schedule from beginning to end.

Reader Engagement Tools

Get your readers fired-up, and participating directly within your Guide. We’ve built our application to directly connect you and your readers. Every section, or page, within a Guide has a built in comment system

Unparalled Conversion Rates is an industry leader in converting passive customers into engaged, paying customers. You’ve got great content worth selling, and we know that will convert leads for you.

Platform Integrations

We work where you work. Currently, we integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, PipeDrive, Hubspot, Act-On, Mailchimp, and Pardot. We'll be adding more in the future.

Our Commitment To Security

Want to use Guides inside your organization? No problem. Secure your Guides with usernames and passwords that only your employees or partners can access.

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