Who Are We?

Guides.co is a community of over 50,000 people from all over the world who are driven by curiosity and have a passion for growth. Growth in our personal and professional life, in our community, and the world around us. In everything we do, we strive to find new ways to solve problems that are ingenious and innovative.

We are lifehackers, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, coaches, speakers, community builders, social activists, leaders, creators, artists, inventors, and innovators.

When we take our experience and knowledge and distill it into processes and information that is accessible, that inspires people, and that helps them discover new ways to experience life, we become something more.

We are Guides.

What is Guides.co?

Guides.co is a publishing platform that makes it easy to capture and share unique processes, knowledge, or "lifehacks" in a format that is easy to access, easy to update, and engages users.

When Charlie Hoehn graduated from college with a business degree, he didn't take a job selling cell phone contracts like many of his colleagues. He got a job as a book promoter for one of the best selling business authors in the world. On Guides.co he explains how you can do it too.

As a university professor and business mentor, Mike Moyer recognized that most entrepreneurs setup partnership agreements that don't reflect the actual effort that each person invests in a startup. So he came up with a practical and ingenious way to structure partnerships and called it "The Grunt Fund". Through Guides.co he shares how you can do it too.

You might recognize Peter Walsh. He's "the Clutter Organizer" and celebrity guest on Oprah Winfrey and the Rachel Ray Show. On guides.co, Peter shares how to "declutter" your life and bring harmony to your home through a step-by-step, practical, and innovative method for organizing your kitchen.

With over 3,000 guides published, there is something for anyone who is curious and looking for "a better way" to do things.

It's 100% free to publish on Guides.co and authors have full control and ownership over their content and audience. You can choose to give away guides or sell them. We didn't build the software for us, we built it for you.

Why Guides?

There's a lot of great, useful content on the internet. But most of it is short "how to" videos or blogs. Many of life's problems and great opportunities can't be fully explored in a 3 minute video or one-page post.

And as our society makes the transition from paper to digital, accessing more comprehensive, instructional content through websites and eBooks just isn't as good as dog-earing pages, or flipping through a book.

We're trying to fix that with Guides.co. When we re-imagine the modern "how to" book, we built a platform that was innovative and simple:

  • A non-linear experience: Make it easy to jump to relevant information.
  • Collaborative: Make reader contribution a part of the content development process.
  • Up to date: Things change. On Guides.co, updates are made in "real-time".
  • Accessible: Easily access guides on any device.
  • Simple: We strive to make everything on Guides.co simple and easy to use.
  • Open ownership: On Guides.co, authors have 100% ownership of their content, their process, their pricing, their profit, and their users.

How We Make Money?

While Guides are useful for everyone in everyday life, it's equally useful for innovative organizations that want to share information and processes with customers, partners, and employees.

In fact, over 12,000 organizations use the Guides.co platform - from tech startups to franchises, and multi-national companies including Microsoft, Philips, Entrust, and VMware.

Organizations pay a modest monthly fee to use our platform, which funds the development and support of Guides.co.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from using the guides.co platform, visit the Guides For Business section of our website - we'd love to work with you.

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