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Guides is your publishing platform

Guides.co is a different kind of place to publish and consume information. Where content is actually useful and the audience participates in the creation process. A platform where connection and impact mean more than views and hits.

There's two ways to use our publishing platform:

Publish on Guides.co where it's always 100% free to publish to the world and our community of nearly 100,000 passionate and curious "life learners".

Or publish on your own website where for as little as $29/month you can upgrade your boring whitepapers, convert your ugly product support documents, digitize your employee manuals, and give life to the rest of your company knowledge that's trapped on paper, or in lifeless PDFs.

When you choose Guides.co your content comes alive; your audience actually helps you make it better; and you finally get all the control you need and deserve as somebody who's putting useful content out in the world.

What is a Guide?

A Guide is the best of an e-book, a blog, and a website all mashed into one.

It's structured like a book, but with better navigation so you can easily jump to sections and pages you're most interested in.

Unlike a book, each page can contain words, images, videos, and files to make content more useful and engaging. Each page also contains an open discussion with the author and other users to add more value to the Guide for everyone.

And unlike a blog, a book, or a video, Guides are updated in real-time and constantly grow to become more valuable and useful the older they get.

They're easy to use on your phone, your tablet, or your computer... basically, wherever and whenever you need some helpful information.

Why Should I create a Guide?

We support people and companies who genuinely want to help their audience overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Which is why we give you 100% access to your audience. They're not our "users", they're your tribe.

Here's some more reasons for choosing Guides:

  • create content that is fresh, modern, and easy to update
  • get in-depth analytics on engagement and use
  • make your content accessible on every device
  • save time & money creating a better product
  • have complete control of the process

Why Should I use Guides.co?

There's a lot of great short, basic information on the internet... and a lot of advice. But Guides.co is the only spot where you can find really useful, longer-form content that is designed specifically to help you achieve your goals.

On Guides.co you'll find like-minded people actively participating in the content by offering their suggestions and tips to help keep content fresh and up to date, and add even more value to the content

And unlike other publishing platforms where there is a barrier between creators and consumers, our creators use Guides.co to connect with you and share their knowledge because they genuinely care more about your results than anonymous "hits".

Enough about us, get started with Guides:

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