The Ultimate Website Checklist

The Ultimate Website Checklist

Use this list to ensure your website meets every standard, is secure, and is ready for massive growth.

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Guide Overview

Whether a seasoned developer, designer, or startup entrepreneur, you need a website that reflects your ability and ambition.

We've put together the ultimate website checklist that is the most comprehensive list of "must-haves" when building, launching, or managing a website. Using this checklist will help you ensure that:

  • Your content is professional and generates results
  • There are no broken links or other technical issues
  • Your website is backed up and secure from hackers
  • Your website performs optimally
  • The website is optimized for search engines
  • You have advanced website tracking implemented
  • You have the basic growth foundation for a successful website
So whether you're building your first website or your fiftieth, your getting ready to launch, or you've been "live" for 3 years, this checklist will help you get the most from your website.

The ultimate website checklist is one of our startup fundamentals and is a must-have for any startup.

Guide Outline

  • Standards And Validation

    • Check Your Code

    • Validate That All Of Your Forms Are Working

    • Check Your Site On Multiple Browsers

    • Check Your Site On Mobile

  • Website SEO

    • Check Your Keywords

    • Check Your Titles

    • Check Your URL Structure

    • Add Metadata Descriptions To Each Page

  • Website Copy

    • Remove All Test Copy

    • Check That Each Page Has A Clear Purpose And Call-To-Action

    • Check Your Spelling

    • Check Your Tone

    • Check The Contact Details

    • Create An XML Sitemap

    • Check "Hidden" Copy

  • Tracking And Analytics

    • Setup Google Analytics

    • Create Signup Goals

    • Save These Custom Reports

    • Add Google Tracking To Every Form Submit Button

  • Site Functions

    • Social Integration And Links

    • (Optional) Check Your Search

    • (Optional) Check Your RSS Feed 

    • Check Print Style

  • Indexing Your Website

    • Submit To Yahoo!

    • Check For Dead Links

    • Submit To Google

    • Check All Browser Versions

    • Submit To Bing

    • Submit To DMoz

  • Site Security

    • Create (And Automate) A Backup Of Your Website

    • Check Form Fields

    • Check robots.txt

    • Make Sure Password-Protected Pages Are Password Protected

  • Performance

    • Check Image Optimization

    • Check To Make Sure Caching Is Enabled

    • Minify Your Javascript And CSS Files

  • Legal

    • Check Copyright

    • Check Terms And Conditions

    • Check The Privacy Policy

    • Check Your Registration Information

  • Site Icons And Error Pages

    • Check Your Favicon

    • Check your 404 pages

    • Icons For IPad

  • Driving Traffic To Your Site

    • Setup Google Adwords Remarketing

    • Check Out Facebook Advertising (Paid)

    • Check Out Google Adwords (Paid)

    • Check Out StumbleUpon Advertising (Paid)

    • Outreach To Influencers

    • Comment On Popular Forums And News Sites

    • Create A Mailing List

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Mercury Grove is a startup accelerator based in Ottawa, Canada. We build processes to help our startups rock harder.

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