Business Model Creation

Business Model Creation

By: Nathan Beckord

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Guide Description

You may have the greatest idea and team of all time, but without a well-designed business model, the world may never be able to use your solution.

Over the last decade Nathan Beckord has worked with the brightest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to build business models that help founders focus get funded, stay focused on key metrics, avoid disaster, and tell a story that leads to maximum growth and profitability.

This guide includes all the information you’ll need to understanding effective business models, how to create them, research key metrics in your industry, and produce several versions of a professional business model that VCs expect from great entrepreneurs.  The guide also includes an exercise in developing your Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder to help you brainstorm and understand the fundamentals of your business.

If you don’t have a professional business model or received a big check from investors, this step-by-step guide to building a business model will help you drive your business and hit critical milestones.

Content Overview

  • Gathering Information And Research

    • Review The Presentation Financial Modeling
    • The Business Model Canvas
    • Brainstorm And Research: Channels
    • Brainstorm And Research: User Acquisition
    • Brainstorm And Research: User Activity Patterns
    • Brainstorm And Research: Revenue Model
    • Brainstorm And Research: Costs
  • Building Your Model

    • List Assumptions
    • Create Your First Financial Forecast
    • Worst Case: Refine Your Financial Forecast (First Review)
    • Moderate Case: Second Review
    • List Mitigating Actions And How You'll Deal With Them
  • Business Model Review

    • Find 5 People To Review Your Model
    • Adding The Financial Model To Your Business Plan


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Active Members   179

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