How To Build A Startup: The Lean LaunchPad

How To Build A Startup: The Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank has developed a formula called The Lean LaunchPad to help build many successful startups.

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Guide Overview

Building a business is more than just creating a product and hoping people buy it. You need to create and validate many different aspects of your business model and make sure all the pieces fit together. Steve Blank is a pioneer in The Lean LaunchPad which has been taught to entrepreneurs across the world and at major universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and Columbia.

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or general business tips; but a comprehensive, real-world process for putting together proven pieces of a successful business model. For a more in-depth exploration of these main concepts you can read The Startup Owner's Manual or sign up for Udacity's "How To Build A Startup" Course.

You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Understand Business Models and Customer Development - Steve has pioneered much of the work that has gone into developing the Business Model Canvas and Customer Development. Experience first hand how these elements fit together in a successful business and how you can use them to build a startup.
  • Analyze Your Customer Segments - Knowing the profile, problems, and expected advantages of your potential clients will help form your product and marketing strategy. Steve helps you take a very granular approach to understanding their “pains” and desired “gains”.
  • Build Customer Relationships - Steve will show you how to build customer relationships in both physical and digital channels - acquire, keep, and grow your user base.
  • Create A Minimum Viable Product - The backbone of any successful startup, the MVP is the first iteration of the most basic set of features that will allow you to charge customers for the product they’ve always wanted - built specifically for them through the validated customer development process.
  • Build Revenue Model - Steve helps you shape your revenue model by developing different revenue streams unique to each of your customer segments. This is critical to the financial health of your startup and what every investor wants to see developed.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Steve to help you get the most out of each step; authentic documents used by Steve in his lectures and consulting work many times over; and the benefits of the platform to interact with others using the same guide.
Don’t struggle with a broken business model and a poorly defined customer segment - put all the pieces together with The Lean LaunchPad and follow proven steps to building a business.

Guide Outline

  • Business Models And Customer Development

    • What Does Your Business Model Look Like?

    • The Customer Development Process

    • Customer Development By The Founders

    • Testing Your Hypothesis

    • If It Doesn't Work, Pivot.

    • Customer Validation

    • Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Exploring Customer Segments And The Business Model Canvas

    • Discover And Identify Your Market Type

    • What Is Your Value Proposition?

    • Understanding Customer Segments

    • What's The "Job"?

    • Identifying Customer "Pain Killers"

    • Identifying Customer "Gain Creators"

    • Critical Questions To Ask

    • Form Your Customer Archetype

    • Multisided Marketplace and Multiple Customer Segments

    • Product/Market Fit

    • Identifying Your Distribution Channels

  • Building Customer Relationships

    • Get, Keep And Grow

    • Creating Demand

    • Get, Keep and Grow Customers For A Physical Channel

    • Get, Keep and Grow Customers For A Digital Channel

  • Exploring The MVP

    • Build A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    • Building The Physical MVP

    • Building The Web/Mobile MVP

  • Developing Your Revenue Model

    • What Are My Revenue Streams?

    • Determine Your Revenue Model

    • Key Revenue Model And Market Questions

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About The Author

Steve Blank

Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur-turned-educator who is changing how startups are built and how entrepreneurship is being taught. He created the Customer Development methodology that launched the lean startup movement, and wrote about the process in his first book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany. His second book, The Startup Owner's Manual , is a step-by-step guide to building a successful company. Blank teaches the Customer Development methodology in his Lean LaunchPad classes at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, Columbia University and the National Science Foundation. He writes regularly about entrepreneurship at

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