Beginners Guide To Keyword Research For SEO

Beginners Guide To Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO - this guide will show you how to get it right!

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Guide Overview

Keyword research is quite possibly the most important part of SEO.

You cannot plan for a search campaign unless you know which keywords to target, and you cannot estimate costs and returns from SEO unless you know who you’re competing against.

I have spent years creating a process that has helped me to grow new websites to over 100,000 organic visits per month, that is proven and repeatable.

This guide will take you through all of the details in my process, including:

  • How To Identify The Best Keywords For Your Website
    This is a step-by-step walkthrough, highlighting all of the tools I use, including Google's new Keyword Planner and Display Planner.
  • How To Identify Search Intent
    One of the most important pieces of keyword research is to understand how your target audience looks for information, how they indicate context, and how these keywords can be grouped to move visitors through your conversion funnel.
  • How To Do SEO Competitive Analysis
    I will show you quick ways to identify your site's top ranking potential and calculate the cost and timeline it will take to get there.
  • How To Create A Keyword Opportunity Model
    Every keyword is a unique opportunity to gain qualified traffic to your website. You will get a copy of the actual Excel model I use to evaluate thousands of keywords at a time, and I will show you how to set it up for your website.
  • How To Build a Keyword Matrix
    If built properly a keyword matrix can increase your rankings and keyword spread exponentially. I give you my Excel template, complete with sample data, and show you step by step how to build it out.
  • How To Conduct A Keyword Performance Audit
    I will show you how to use Google Analytics to get an immediate sense of how your SEO efforts are working, and where you're leaving money on the table.

I've have also included never before shared tips and hacks for getting the most keyword data possible out of Google.

Bonus Features:

  • Keyword Funnel Templates
  • Download Link to Free Keyword Combiner Tool
  • Keyword Opportunity Template
  • Download Link for Free Search Intent Template for Excel

This guide will remain evergreen.
I will continue to update this guide as I come across new information, complete new tests, and when there are changes needed to keep the information accurate.

Guide Outline

  • Getting Started

    • The Value Of A Keyword

  • Time To Do The Research

    • Don't Forget To Check Plurals

    • Expand Your List

    • My Favorite Keyword Tools

    • Segmenting Keywords Into Funnels

    • Using Google Keyword Planner

    • The Keyword Combiner

  • Researching For Searcher Intent

    • Avoid Low-Intent Keywords

    • Inferring Searcher Intent

    • 2 Schools Of Thought

    • Understanding Keywords In Search Context

  • Validate The Big Opportunities

    • Evaluate With Google Trends

    • Evaluate Topic Popularity

  • SEO Competitive Analysis

    • Getting Started With The Analysis

    • Understanding Your Competitive Landscape

    • Anatomy Of A Keyword

    • Looking At Authority

    • Data Mining – Release The Scrapers

    • Usurp The SERP – Planning The Takeover

  • Create A Keyword Evaluation Model

    • The Simple Keyword Opportunity Model

    • Adjusting For Competitiveness

    • Build A Test Case

    • Estimating Your Development Costs

    • Estimate Your Revenue

    • The Advanced Keyword Opportunity Model

  • Creating A Keyword Matrix

    • Understanding The Relationships

    • How SEO’s Currently Approach Keywords

    • How To Build A Keyword Matrix

    • Tagging The Best Keywords

    • Why You Need To Be Using Matrices

    • Laying Out Your Matrix

  • Keyword Research For Page Titles

  • Conducting A Keyword Performance Audit

    • Dive Into Google Analytics

    • Open Excel

    • Open Up Your Freshly Downloaded Data

    • Time For Analysis

  • Closing The Loop

    • Additional Resources

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About The Author

Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks is the VP of Digital Strategy at W.L. Snook & Associates, a digital asset holdings company. He is the co-founder of I'm From The Future and organizes a user experience meetup in Philly. 

Follow him on twitter and check out his top ranked SEO Blog

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