How To Promote Your Blog And Get 250k Visits/Month

How To Promote Your Blog And Get 250k Visits/Month

By: Dan Martell

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Guide Description

Dan Martell shares his detailed process on how to blog for your business and how to establish and inbound marketing strategy. This is his formula that lead to over 250,000 visitors per month (50k unique visits) to two major sites: and

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or general blogging tips, but a comprehensive, real-world process for implementing a successful content marketing strategy.

You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Identify and Leverage High Traffic Keywords - This is the basis of any effective site or blog is you want search engines to find you. You might be doing this now, but it’s probably all wrong.
  • Identify Targeted Verticals and Track Key Metrics - Effectively identify and measure the return on investment of your specific business verticals. If you aren’t tracking key metrics (or all the wrong ones), you aren’t growing effectively.
  • Develop the Right Mix of “Pillar” and “Viral Content” - Dan introduces you to the two most critical types of content for attracting and retaining visitors. If you can’t do all the writing yourself (you won’t be able too as your site grows), Dan shares how and where to find the best writers.
  • Leverage Your Content Before, During, and After Launch - Develop key relationships with “Brand Ambassadors” - chances are you already have them, but Dan will provide you with a process to effectively leverage them to spread your content.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Dan Martell; authentic documents used by Dan; and the benefits of the platform to interact with others using the same guide!

Having a system in place to promote your blog will make your content marketing strategy much simpler! Leverage Dan Martell’s market proven process - a formula he’s created over his last 3 startups - from the beginning with your entire team.

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“This guide freaking nailed it! Easily one of the best start to finish approaches on building a content foundation designed to harness traffic and build an audience. Seriously nice work.”
Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks

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Content Overview

  • Getting Started

    • Create A Google Webmater Tools Account
    • Make Sure Google Knows About Your Site
    • Influence Your Site's Ranking In Search Results
    • Create And Upload Your Sitemap To Google
    • Submit Your Sitemap To Bing And Yahoo
    • Optimize Your Site From Bing's Webmaster Tools
    • Setup Your SEO Ranking Tracker File
  • High Converting Keywords

    • Brainstorm 20-25 Targeted Keywords For Your Blog
    • Leverage Keyword Tools
    • Use Google Keyword Tool To Analyze Top Converting Search Terms
    • Determine Your Core Terms, Secondary Terms, And Blog Post Subjects
  • Distribution And Premium Channels

    • Brainstorm Targeted Content Channels For Promoting Your Blog
    • Select 2-3 Core Content Channels
    • Select Up To 5 Paid Content Channels
    • Brainstorm 5-10 Industry Experts With Prominent Blogs
    • Build A List Of At Least 10 "Friends" Who Can Become Brand Ambassadors
    • (OPTIONAL) Find An Online Marketing Consultant
  • Create Killer Content

    • Writing Tools
    • Create Killer Headlines And Add Them To Your Editorial Calendar
    • Create 1 Pillar Content Post With Your "Core" Keywords
    • Create 3 Viral Content Posts Using Your "Core" And "Secondary" Keywords
    • Create 5-10 Blog Posts Using Your "Blog Ideas" Search Terms
    • Ask Industry Experts To Contribute At Least One "Guest Post" For Your Blog
    • Hire 2-5 Professional Bloggers To Contribute Content
  • Promotion And LAUNCH

    • Determine Your Launch Message And Date
    • Send Your Blog To Your Friends And Brand Ambassadors
    • Notify Industry Experts Of Launch Date And Message
    • Setup Paid Ads On Your Premium Content Channels
    • Submit 3-5 Blog Entries To Free Sites Focusing On 1-2 Specific Channels
    • LAUNCH!


This guide freaking nailed it! Easily one of the best start to finish approaches on building a content foundation designed to harness traffic and build an audience. Seriously nice work.
rated this guide 5 out of 5

Very helpful

rated this guide 5 out of 5
rated this guide 5 out of 5

Active Members   207

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