How To Raise $10,000 on Kickstarter

How To Raise $10,000 on Kickstarter

Get pre-sales, significant funding, and a loyal and excited user base through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Guide Overview

There is a recipe for success on Kickstarter. The crowd-funding platform is a groundbreaking new way to launch your startup with significant pre-sales, funding, and a loyal and excited user base. However launching a successful campaign requires some serious planning, a structured timeline, and some very important social sharing triggers.

Carlos Solorio has created a highly detailed, step-by-step guide following his successful Kickstarter campaign.

He has helped several other startups successfully fund their startups through the popular crowdfunding platform and has even been featured in places like

Guide Outline

  • Build A Funding Platform

    • Not In The U.S.? No Problem.

    • Review Kickstarter Guidelines And Explore Their School

    • Determine Your Exact Costs

    • Determine What You Want To Raise

    • Create A Support Plan Calendar

    • Develop An Active Blog

    • Build Guest Blogging Relationships

  • Creating Your Kickstarter Campaign

    • Create A Kickstarter Account

    • Create A Kickstarter Project

    • Create A Strong First Impression: Picture And Headline

    • Nail Your Story

    • Have A Strong MVP

    • Create A Pro Video

    • Storyboard The Ultimate Video

    • Have A High Value Offer/Product

    • Determine Your Funding Tiers

    • Determine Your Rewards Per-Tier

    • Involve The Backer

    • Other Crowdfunding Tactics

    • Have A Clear Campaign Duration

    • The KickStarter Funding Curve

    • Make It Personal... And Social

    • Include FAQs And Extra Details

    • Add Updates!

    • Get The Mobile App

    • Monitor Your Progress

  • External Promotion

    • Develop A Promotional Strategy

    • Leverage Your Kickstarter Success For Press

    • Have A Blog For Updates

    • Leverage Your Mailing List

    • Leverage Guest Blogging

    • (Optional) Plan Events

    • Leverage Public Relations

  • After The Kickstarter Campaign

    • Maintain The Relationship With Your Backers

    • Create a "WOW" factor

    • Update Your Kickstarter Page

    • Engage With Your Backers

    • Create a Final Video Recapping Your Campaign

    • Upsell Your Initial Customers

    • Ask For Feedback

  • Crowdfunding For Startups Outside The US

    • Alternative Crowdfunding Platforms

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About The Author

Carlos Solorio

World Traveler, Writer and Entrepreneur.  Co-founder of Arden Reed a custom menswear startup that raised over 5x their original goal on Kickstarter.  Featured on Forbes and Skillshare.

What Are People Saying

Guide Reviews (3)

Great guide, highly recommended

Scott Annan
We used this guide and were able to raise over $36K on Kickstarter. Because we signed up for it after we had already created our campaign, we weren't able to take advantage of all of the pre-campaign advice, and I think if we had done so we would have done even better. A good chunk of the content can be found through other research, but it's great to have a checklist all in once place.

- Rated this guide 5 out of 5

Awesome, Clear and Concise.

??????? ??????
This guide was incredibly helpful and informative, with lots of small step-by-step actions. Highly recommended.

- Rated this guide 5 out of 5

Great tips!

This play was helpful, love the tips and resources offered.

- Rated this guide 4 out of 5