Validate Your Product Concept In 7 Days

Validate Your Product Concept In 7 Days

By: Scott Annan

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Guide Description

Scott Annan shares his detailed process on how to validate your business concept. This is the formula he uses to vet his startup ideas and that other startups use through his accelerator program.

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or general marketing tips, but a comprehensive, real-world process for validating a product concept.

You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Identify and Leverage High Traffic Keywords - This is the basis of any effective product or website is that you want search engines to find you. You might be doing this now, but it’s probably not as effective as it could be.
  • Capture Maximum Interest - Effectively capture the maximum attention of your site’s visitors (pre-launch customers!!!) by creating a A/B testing infrastructure and refining the way you’re presenting the content and value proposition.
  • Drive Tons of Traffic To Your Site - Scott shows you how to drive lots of traffic to your site quickly in order to test the assumptions you’ve laid out. Spending a little money on ads will give you instant data to work with.
  • Optimize- Refine or pivot your concept, copy, and keywords until you’re ready to launch or validate the next idea.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Scott Annan; authentic documents used by Scott; and the benefits of the platform to interact with others using the same guide!
Having a system in place to test your business ideas will make the startup road much simpler! Leverage Scott Annan’s market proven process - a formula he’s created over his last 3 startups - from the beginning with your entire team.

Content Overview

  • Determine Your Product Hypotheses And Keywords

    • BRAINSTORM: Create Your Core Value Hypothesis
    • Create 3-5 Variations Of Your Core Business Hypothesis
    • BRAINSTORM: Create Your Business' Keyword List
    • Use Google's Keyword Planner To Find High Traffic Keywords
    • Determine Your Core Terms, Secondary Terms, And Future Blog Post Terms
  • Setup Split Testing And Metrics Analysis

    • Setup an A/B Testing Infrastructure
    • Setup Google Adwords Account (Like A Pro)
    • Create Google Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Pages
    • Setup Google Analytics
  • Launch, Analyze, And Iterate

    • LAUNCH: Start your Google Adwords Campaign
    • Optimize Landing Page Conversions
    • Optimize Your Google Adwords
    • Hypothesis Proved?


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