How to Get Featured by a Major Tech Blog

How to Get Featured by a Major Tech Blog

A comprehensive how to from for getting press coverage.

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Guide Overview

You’ve got a great idea, a talented team and big plans for the future. What you need now is to get noticed - by the media, the industry, and most importantly: your potential customers.

That’s where Onboardly comes in. We help take new ideas to market. We've worked with some of the most exciting startups the US and Canada have to offer, and the first question we're often asked is "How should we launch?" Our answer: "With a solid plan of attack."

In this guide we'll help you build that plan. We'll show you how to establish your media-centric value proposition, identify the right writers who will be interested in your product, and reach out to them in the right way to pique their interest. We'll also help you refine your verticals, prepare a startup-focused press kit, and give you pro tips on how to get journalists to pay attention to you.

Understanding how your product will impact others and finding the early adopters who will truly care, is a core theme of this play. That, and giving you a quick-and-easy checklist to follow in order to make a lasting impression on the media and beyond.

Guide Outline

  • Establish Your Value Proposition And Find Your Product/Market Fit

    • Articulate Precisely What Your Product Or Service Does.

    • Establish What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors Or Companies In A Similar Space.

    • Get Creative: Two-Liner Exercise

    • Practice Pitching Your Two-Liners To Anyone That'll Listen

  • Build Targeted Media List & Plant Seeds For Future Success

    • Create Your Media List

    • Identify Appropriate Writers

    • Monitor Key Writers

    • Engage Writers At Least 3 Times Before Asking For Coverage

    • Build And Engage

  • Warm Up The Crowd - The Opening Act

    • Send Out Warm Feeler Emails

    • Tweet Writers A Heads Up

    • Don't Be Afraid To Pick Up The Phone.

  • Prepare Killer Pitch Materials

    • Create A List Of Necessary Materials For Your Media Kit

    • Write A Media Advisory

    • Prepare Logos And Screenshots

    • Prepare Founder Bios

    • Consider Creating A Sell Sheet

    • Lastly, Set-Up Google Alerts

  • Conduct Personalized Pitches

    • Start Pitching Two Days Before The Launch

    • Interviews And Follow-Up Chats!

    • Pitch Writers With A Personalized Note

    • Ask For Confirmation

    • Send A Follow-Up Tweet

    • 24 Hour Follow Up

  • Monitor, Listen, Engage

    • Monitor Via Easy Tools

    • Track Your Coverage

    • Remember To Listen

    • Engage

    • Comment

  • Watch The News Sites You

    • Share EVERYTHING

    • Continue To Track

    • Ask Your Friends/Users/Evangelists To Share The Love

  • Give Thanks & Keep the Love Alive

    • Thank Writers

    • Continue To Engage

    • Set Up Private Twitter Lists

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About The Author

Heather Anne Carson

Co-Founder & President - Onboardly

At Onboardly, Heather is dedicated to brand PR and promotion - helping introduce our portfolio of amazing startups to a wide variety of media outlets, influencers, and networks. 

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