Creating a Startup Advisory Board

Creating a Startup Advisory Board

Seize every opportunity to gain an advantage - this guide will help you build a killer advisory board.

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Guide Overview

Having great advisors during the early stages of building your startup can open doors, help close crucial deals, and help you get the funding you need to grow quickly.

Sunil Rajaraman knows a lot about finding and working with great advisors - he and credits a lot of the growth of to having the right people to help him grow the business.  Sunil made headlines in TechCrunch after raising an early round of funding and adding two superstars to his advisory board: Former Linkedin Chief Scientist DJ Patil and 99designs co-founder Matt Mickiewicz.

In this guide Sunil offers a step-by-step process on how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your founding team, how to meet and find great potential advisors, and how to structure an advisory agreement. Although this is a great guide for early stage startups, its a process that every founder should be constantly using to find and recruit great people who can help you grow your company.

Every startup should seize every opportunity to gain an advantage - this guide will help you build a killer advisory board to help you gain yours.

Guide Outline

  • Selecting Advisors

    • When You Should Look For Advisors

    • Complete A Founder Assessment

    • What Companies Do You Aspire To Be Like?

    • How To Find Advisors

    • Selecting Advisors

  • Set Objectives

    • Set Time Expectations

    • Set Clearly Defined Milestones

    • Setting Up Compensation

    • Prepare An Agreement

  • Communication And Management

    • Setting Up Communication

    • Reviewing Milestones

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About The Author

Sunil Rajaraman

Sunil Rajaraman is CEO and Co-Founder His board of advisors include former LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil and 99designs co-founder Matt Mickiewicz.

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