How To Build A Mobile Ad Campaign In 7 Days

How To Build A Mobile Ad Campaign In 7 Days

This is a technical step-by-step guide to creating your own mobile ad campaing in 7 days.

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Guide Overview

Building a mobile app is simple - it's a technical challenge. Getting people to see it, download it, recommend it, and use it? That's a survival challenge... Then there's monetization.

Creating a mobile ad campaign of any size can be very complicated if you're new to the media buying game. This is a techinical step-by-step guide to creating your own mobile ad campaing in 7 days - covering everything from how to capture the most visibility, reach the most users, and how to track actionable metrics. 

This guide is for entrepreneurs looking to drive massive growth to their startup or mobile app, as well as anyone looking to create a lucrative affiliate network through mobile ads. This process have generated over 6 figures time and time again.

Guide Outline

  • Day 1: Discovering Mobile

    • Complete Background Materials

    • Window Shop Affiliate Networks

  • Day 2: Mobile Traffic Sources

    • Open your Marketing Agency

    • Apply to Affiliate Networks

    • Open Ad Network Accounts

    • Get Acquainted with your Source for Traffic

    • Traffic Sources and Strategy

  • Day 3: Mobile Tracking

    • Get Acquainted with Mobile Tracking

    • Evaluate tracking solutions

    • Sign up for a Tracking Solution and Learn how to Use

  • Day 4: Picking Offers to Promote on Mobile Display

    • Philosophy of Choosing Offers

    • Evaluate Offer Using These Tests

    • Consider Tools for Evaluating Offers

  • Day 5: Launching Your Mobile Campaigns

    • Have Banner Ads Created

    • Block Wifi Traffic

    • Block App Traffic

    • Track Site IDs and Placements

    • Focus on High CTR Creatives

    • Improve Redirect and Load Times

    • Checklist for Click Issues

    • Final Thoughts when Evaluating your Campaigns

  • Day 6: Analyzing and Optimizing Your Campaign

    • Analyze The Data

    • Managing Data Overload

    • Learn to use Day Parting

  • Day 7: Scaling Your Mobile Campaigns

    • Other Ad Networks

    • Pay Bump

    • Bid Adjustments

    • Segmenting Targets

    • Always Be Split Testing (ABST)

    • Crop Rotation (ad Rotation)

    • Gaming The System

  • Using Advanced Tactics

    • Bid High Bid Low

    • Multiple Starting Bids

    • 100s of Ads

    • Multiple Accounts

    • Penny Increments

    • Find The Ceiling

    • Up Your Budgets

    • Parting Advice

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About The Author

Alexander Tsatkin

Alex has helped hundreds of affiliates and marketers embrace mobile as a viable traffic source for driving result driven campaigns. Alex has been in the affiliate marketing and direct response space for over 6 years advertising on a million plus publisher promoting niches including dating, education, entertainment, packaged goods, and digital products. Working exclusively on mobile for the last year shaped his methodology to mobile that yields predictable results. In an effort to share the insight uncovered about mobile MobAff was created to serve advertisers and partners alike in the quest to better understand and monetize mobile inventory.

What Are People Saying

Guide Reviews (3)

Lot's of Value

Scott Annan
Easy to follow

- Rated this guide 5 out of 5

Great stuff

Dan Myers
A must read if you come from a background in display advertising. Don't be naive, the transition is not as simple as you may believe. This guide will help you through a lot of the hurdles along the road.

- Rated this guide 5 out of 5

Best Mobile Guide Hands down

Scott Annan
Hey Guys, Just wanted to put my two cents in for this guide. I got started with the original guide back in Sept 2011 and haven't looked back since. Mobile is growing and you're missing out and if you're not already in it. It really doesn't get simpler than this, you've got the best guy in the industry(Alex) showing you step by step on how to build your mobile affiliate campaigns. I read the guide, put it to use, and after a week and half worth of hard work, I was already at my first $100/day campaign. I haven't looked back since. If you're still looking around for where to sink you teeth in, just stop, read this guide, give it some REAL solid effort. You won't regret it As for the team Just wanted to give a shout out to my guys at Mobaff. Alex, Pete, Josh, Vadim are the greatest guys to work with in the industry. They were voted the #1 mobile aff network by DirectResponse and its no surprise to me. They have the best tools, support, and straight up, they're just great people.

- Rated this guide 5 out of 5