How To Do Search Engine Optimization

How To Do Search Engine Optimization

Kory Alden’s expert step-by-step process on do it yourself SEO is something no small business or startup should be without.

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Guide Overview

You don't need to be an IT expert to have good search engine optimization. Kory Alden shares his detailed, step-by-step process on how to do search engine optimization.

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or general search engine optimization techniques; but a comprehensive, real-world process for implementing a successful search engine optimization for small businesses and startups.

You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Determine your true competition and what keywords you should rank on - Kory takes you through all the best tools at your disposal to understand what keywords you should be ranking on and what your competitors already rank on.
  • Build a keyword database - Kory is an expert in helping you find keywords that are relevant to your site and showing you what steps you need to take to maximize their effectiveness for SEO.
  • Creating an SEO friendly website - This process lays out a few critical steps will make a world of difference in how search engines index your site and content.
  • How to get backlink juice - Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO. This process will show you how to maximize your backlinks and get more.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Kory to help you get the most out of each step; authentic documents used by Kory many times over; and the benefits of the platform to interact with others using the same guide!

Start implementing better SEO for small business and startups tactics on your site today with Kory’s proven formula.

Guide Outline

  • Introduction

    • SEO 101

    • SEO Trends 2012

    • SEO Vs. PPC

    • Why Content For SEO

  • The SEO Software You Must Use

    • Monitoring Software

    • Heatmap Software

    • Find Your Competitions Keywords

    • Keyword Research Tool

    • Funnels And Reporting

    • Link Emperor

    • Google Webmaster Tools

    • Google Analytics

    • Sitemap Generator

  • Determine Your True Competition

    • Resources Needed

  • Building A Keyword Database

    • Step 1: Competition

    • Step 2: Expand Your Database

    • Step 3: Focus Your Keywords

    • Step 4: Keyword Monitoring

    • Step 5: Keyword Backlink Building

    • Step 6: Routine Checking

  • Steps For An SEO Friendly Website

    • No Flash

    • Meta Titles

    • Meta Descriptions

    • Home Page

    • Footer / Breadcrumbs

    • Unique Content

    • No Duplicate Pages

    • Links To Active Social Media Accounts

  • Manual Backlink Building Resources

    • Manual Backlink Starter List

    • Seeding/Submissions List

    • Build Backlink Juice

  • SEO Communities

    • Black Hat World

    • Warrior Forum

    • SEO Roundtable

  • Other Random Recommendations

    • Apps Worth Buying

    • Books Worth Reading

    • Instant Traffic

    • Logo Mockup Designs

    • Online Meetings and Webinars

    • Press Releases

    • Printing Services

    • SMS Campaigns

  • Conclusion

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About The Author

Kory Alden

Kory Alden is an SEO and Social Media expert and founder of Nivo Media Group, a Los Angeles based marketing agency that focuses on SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, and Viral Marketing.  He also most recently started Social Approve, a social media management platform that is set to release in the fall.  You can visit the blog here.

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