Leverage Passive Income to Fund Your Startup

Leverage Passive Income to Fund Your Startup

How to develop passive income though online courses, ebooks and guides.

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Guide Overview

Passive revenue is loosely defined as income that you earn inside of your business that you aren't trading time for money for. This means that you can generate the revenue while you sleep, while you are on vacation or while you are working on other income generating projects.

Erin Blaskie is an online marketer and virtual assistant. She's started multiple businesses and knows how to leverage information products to generate more leads and passive income. 

This interactive, step-by-step guide isn’t some high level courseware or general sales tips; but a comprehensive, real-world process for creating a passive income stream. 

 You can implement the steps within this guide right now to:

  • Identify Your Business Opportunity - Erin takes you through the process of identifying different business opportunities based on your existing business and potential gaps in your service offering.
  • How To Generate Ideas For Passive Revenue Streams - Before you rush out and start developing different products, Erin will help you identify and test different ideas and select the right medium for it. You'll also need to validate demand to make sure it'll sell before you commit the time to creating it.
  • Passive Income Mediums - Erin will take your through the ebook, audio program, e-course and step-by-step guide mediums an showcase how to implement each one.
  • Interactive Content - Dozens of expert insight directly from Lewis to help you get the most out of each step; authentic documents used by Lewis many times over; and the benefits of the Accel.io platform to interact with others using the same guide!
Building passive income into your business can be time consuming for a short period of time, but if execute properly can provide you with additional lead generation opportunities and revenue.

Guide Outline

  • Pre-Creation Process

    • What Are The Common Forms Of Passive Revenue?

    • Are You Thinking One-To-Many In Your Business Instead Of One-To-One?

    • Do You Have An Opportunity To Get Paid To Create Your Passive Revenue Streams?

    • Do You Have Different Ways For Your Target Market To Consume Your Product/Service/Message At Present?

    • Where Are The Marketing Funnel Gaps In Your Business At Present?

    • Is Your Website As "Cleaned Up" As It Could Be Prior To Adding New Streams Of Revenue To It?

    • Can My Passive Revenue Stream Be Matched To Existing Services?

    • Is An Information Product The Right Passive Revenue Model For Me?

  • Generating Ideas For Passive Revenue Streams

    • Prepare A Space For Idea Generation

    • Survey Your Audience To See What It Is They Need

    • Keep A Running List Of Frequently Asked Questions You Receive In Your Business

    • Host An Open Q&A Session Where Your Audience Can Come And Ask Questions To You Live

    • Test The Idea Viability With Your Current Network

    • Determine Whether Your New Idea Is A Paid Product Idea Or A Free Product Idea

  • Passive Revenue Method #1 - The E-Book

    • Anatomy Of An Ebook And Process

    • Lay The Content Out/Write The Content In A Word Document

    • Format And Proof The Content

    • Add Images Where Applicable

    • Add A Table Of Contents

    • Add A Cover Page

    • Add An About The Author Page And A Call To Action

    • Proof And Review The Content And Export Into A Final PDF

    • Upload The Document To Your Server, Your Shopping Cart Or A Digital Delivery Yool

    • Add The Product To Your E-commerce System

    • Create A Product In Your Shopping Cart For The E-book And Add A Buy Now Button Onto The Products/Sales Page

    • Connect The Product To A Thank You Page That Users Will Be Redirected To After Successful Purchase

    • On The Thank You Page, Add A Download Link So Users Can Download The E-book

    • Start Selling And Promoting The E-book

    • Set Up An Affiliate Program, If Desired, To Allow Others To Promote The E-book

  • Passive Revenue Method #2 - The Audio Program

    • Choose The Technology You Will Use To Record The Audio Program

    • Create A Script That You Will Follow As You Record Your Audio Program

    • Record your program

    • Listen to the audio and edit the audio if necessary

    • Consider adding intro / outro music to the audio file

    • Create a graphic to represent the audio

    • Upload the audio file to your server or note the download link from inside of Audio Acrobat

    • Create a page on your website for the audio program or add to the products page

    • Create a product in your shopping cart for the audio program and add a buy now button onto the products / sales page

    • Connect the product to a thank you page that users will be redirected to after successful purchase

    • On the thank you page, add a download link so users can download the audio program

    • Start selling and promoting your audio program

    • Set up an affiliate program, if desired, to allow others to promote your audio program

  • Passive Revenue Method #3 - The E-Course

    • Choose a topic

    • Sign up for an e-mail marketing client, such as MailChimp, or login to your existing client

    • Create a new list that will house the series of autoresponder messages in the e-course

    • Design, or work with a designer, to create an e-mail marketing template

    • Write the e-course

    • Add the content to individual autoresponders which you can set to go out at different intervals after someone subscribes to the e-course

    • Create a page on your website for the e-course or add to the products page

    • Create a product in your shopping cart for the e-course and add a buy now button onto the products / sales page

    • Connect the e-course to a thank you page that users will be redirected to after successful purchase

    • Start selling and promoting your audio program

    • Set up an affiliate program, if desired, to allow others to promote your audio program

  • Passive Revenue Method #4 - Affiliate Programs

    • Look up and review the latest FTC laws and regulations on affiliate marketing

    • Create an Excel spreadsheet and in it, create a list of the programs, tools and companies you use often

    • Visit each of these listed programs, tools and companies and look on their website to see if they have an affiliate program in place

    • Join the affiliate programs and add your default affiliate link to the spreadsheet

    • Once you have your list of affiliate links for the services you recommend often, go to www.bit.ly, or any other link shortening service, and shorten all of your URLs

    • Keep the spreadsheet in an easily accessible location so that you can use the affiliate links when needed (see the notes for affiliate link uses)

  • Passive Revenue Method #5 - Virtual Events and Online Training

    • Determine the type of virtual event you wish to do

    • Choose a topic / brainstorm an idea for your virtual event or online training

    • Choose a date and time for your event / training

    • Set up a bridge line for the teleseminar / audio portion

    • Set up a webinar service if you need to also show the visuals on your desktop

    • Choose and set up recording / screen capture tools

    • Set up a sales page on your website or purchase a new domain name for the event / training

    • Add the event / training to your e-commerce program and link to the sales page

    • Create a thank you page that contains information on how your purchasers can access the training / event

    • Create an e-mail autoresponder that contains information on how your purchasers can access the training / event

    • Promote and market the event / online training

    • Host your virtual event / online training

    • Post-event: Add the recording to a download / thank you page on your site

    • Post-event: Send out recording to all registrants

    • Have all of your call content transcribed

    • Prep your handouts to make sense as part of

    • Create one Word document with both transcripts and handouts / PowerPoints merged together

    • Format the document so that it is branded

    • Have your graphic designer create you a graphic to represent your product

    • Have your copywriter write you copy or, edit the copy from your live event

    • Compile all audio download links onto one download page with the PDF of your formatted guide

    • Add a product in your shopping cart for the information product

    • Connect an autoresponder which directs people to the download page after purchase

    • Promote / market the newly created information product

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Erin Blaskie

Erin Blaskie started her first company at the age of 21. Over the past few years, Erin has serviced high profile clients, such as Kraft, Post and Travelocity, has been featured in five published books, has been featured on Mashable, Wall Street Journal, Inc.com, Huffington Post, AMEX Open Forum, Portfolio.com, Examiner.com, About.com, Business Insider, Chatelaine, Costco Connection, ABC and CBC and has spoke at both national and International events.

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