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At Norcal Music & Arts Center, we aim to enhance each student in all areas, including their creativity, self-confidence, awareness, etc. There are many ways in which music and arts can shape your and your children’s lives. Here at Norcal Music & Arts Center, we are committed to helping each student realize their potential through personalized music lessons. Our music coaches and instructors have years of teaching experience and work closely with each student at their pace to ensure brilliant results. Our music lessons span across different areas and instruments, including piano lessons, drums lessons, guitar lessons, cello lessons, saxophone lessons, and more. We also have music coaches to help you and your child learn clarinet, flute, ukulele and develop a better singing voice. Our curriculum is both comprehensive and advanced. Our approach to teaching and learning allows our students to grow at their pace, picking up all of the essential skills and training and directing them in the area that they most love. We offer both physical and online music lessons, and we are proud of the effects of our music lessons on our students. Contact Us Norcal Music & Arts Center Address: 761 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 US Phone: (408) 777-0740 Email:

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