Guides on Social Distancing

We're looking for guides on all aspects of social distancing.  With so many people isolated in their homes, it can be a struggle to cope with even everyday tasks.

Please share any information you can from professional / personal experience or research.

Here are some ideas:

  • What does social distancing mean?  How to do it
  • How to stay connected with people
  • How to reach loved ones, people in your community
  • How to spot depression or anxiety
  • How to speak to people who may be depressed
  • Activities you can do in your home
  • What supplies should people have on hand
  • How to shop - tips, ideas
  • How to volunteer
  • Tips for working / studying from home
  • Staying fit / exercising in your home
  • Mental health activities

There are many more topics, but hopefully that helps give you some ideas.