What are the new "rules" / best practices where you live / work?

Where I live, in the city of Ottawa, people are now being fined in public parks for breaking new rules (we are in a state of emergency).  However, I could not find these "rules" anywhere - not on the city's website, or on the police website (in fact, there is no mention of covid-19 on the police website at all!).

Furthermore, individual citizens are doing their own "policing" - but much of it is based on THEIR understanding (misunderstandings?) of the rules / new bylaws.

So I created a guide: https://guides.co/r/9cb01b7585...

What are the new "rules" where you live?  How about work?  Are they documented somewhere?  Is there general agreement on them?  Having a guide could be a great way to open up conversations on how we should be / act / coordinate.