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Building Environment and Climate


One Semester





BSCI 9100 - Building Environment and Climate course provides advanced understanding of the physical and environmental interconnections between the building and the local urban environment in the context of the local climate, while considering humans as integral receivers and enablers of the built environment. Topics include, atmospheric circulations as affected by oceans and land, the large scale weather context for buildings and the influence of small scale circulations and local weather; local wind and solar radiation; urban heat island (UHI); thermal and water balances and effects in urban microclimates; building-urban green-house gas (GHG) mitigation; building-urban adaptation to climate change; adaptive human comfort and environmental health; and human responses and adaptations to the built environment. Students will conduct measurements on the built environment, analyze environmental data, and build mathematical models to simulate strategies and systems to achieve more interconnected and sustainable built environments. *These are BCIT courses from outside of the Centre for Energy Systems Applications but whose content directly relates to the mandate of CESA.  Please note that admission process may vary from course to course and in some cases these courses cannot be taken outside of the full program.  Please see each program’s host website for more information.*