Building Facility and Chilled-Water Systems






Building Facility and Chilled-Water Systems (Dual), 2.0 PDHs (AIA): This course discusses the requirements of the interface that exists between facilities (controlled by the building facility operators) and Datacom equipment (controlled by the Datacom manufacturers). Demarcation lines for the chilled-water system (CHWS) have been provided to indicate where these interfaces occur in relation to the Datacom equipment. Also, their locations within the data center or telecom room have been discussed. Define reliability and availability with respect to liquid-cooled racks and electronics; Describe the: Design considerations for chilled-water systems, piping systems, and electrical power sources for cooling systems in building facilities; Types of schemes and parameters to be monitored in a liquid-cooled system; Types of systems for monitoring liquid-cooled systems; Types of non-chilled-water systems in building facilities. List: Key subsystems and sensors to be considered for liquid-cooled systems; Issues impacting reliability and availability; Examples of commissioning procedures for liquid-cooling systems in a building facility. (Dual), 2.0 PDHs. This course is approved by AIA. It can be subscribed to independently, as part of Data Center Design Course Package, or Advanced Technologies eLibrary.