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Building Science 1


One Semester





BSCI 9000 - Building Science 1 this levelling course is designed to introduce the basic and advanced building science principles with a focus on heat, air, and moisture transfer in buildings. Topics include heat conduction, convection and radiation, psychrometric chart, airflow through building components due to combined forces, and moisture transport in air and porous materials including vapour diffusion, convection, and capillarity. The theory is illustrated through the application of analytical methods such as the thermal network in solving typical heat and mass transfer problems through building envelope components and heat and mass balance within buildings. Concepts such as surface heat and mass transfer coefficients, equivalent solar-air temperature, clear sky long-wave radiation, thermal and moisture storage, psychrometrics and condensation due to vapour and airflow are covered. *These are BCIT courses from outside of the Centre for Energy Systems Applications but whose content directly relates to the mandate of CESA.  Please note that admission process may vary from course to course and in some cases these courses cannot be taken outside of the full program.  Please see each program’s host website for more information.*