Computer Cooling Equipment (Dual)






Computer Cooling Equipment (Dual), 1.0 PDHs (AIA) - Trends and predesign phase load calculation methods provide insights, which can help establish the design criteria for the load that the facility will most likely be required to support today, and in the future. This module discusses initial and final load densities and the options of using air cooling versus liquid cooling versus a combination to cool equipment. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to: Explain various configurations of air cooling of computer equipment, including Cooling equipment: Outside the room; Inside the room but outside the rack; Physically mounted on the rack; Describe the importance of liquid cooling as a consideration and potential solution to high-density loads; Identify types of liquid used for enhanced heat transfer in liquid cooling equipment. (Dual), 1 PDH. This course is approved by AIA. It can be subscribed to independently, as a part of the Data Center Design Course Package, or as part of Advanced Technologies eLibrary.