Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculation Certification for EAs





CACEA and HRAI have partnered again to offer its unique annual learning opportunity for Energy Advisors. HRAI instructor and CACEA Member, John Harris of DSG Building Diagnostics, will adapt the four-day HRAI course content so that it is relevant to the work of EAs. EAs not only gain valuable professional development and a deeper understanding of these calculations, but also an opportunity to expand the services they provide. With an EA focus, John will discuss the differences and similarities between F280-12 heat loss/gain calculations and provide specific examples by comparing HOT2000 inputs and outputs with values derived using HRAI procedures. Based on CSA Standard F280-12, participants get a firsthand introduction of the basic principles of building science and heat loss/gain. Through various in-class exercises, participants will learn how to determine the thermal resistance (R value) of various building assemblies, such as walls and ceilings; and accurately, calculate room by room heat loss and gain while considering the influences of occupancy, exposure, ventilation, air leakage across the building envelope and more. Successful candidates will receive an HRAI Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculation Certificate.