Making the Case for Energy Management Projects

1 Day




Although the benefits of and justification for energy management (EM) may seem obvious to some, this is often not the case for many of our clients and colleagues. Being able to articulate and present both the energy and non-energy benefits of a project or retrofit – from operational cost savings, to conservation, to reduced equipment maintenance – is key to selling EM projects. This one-day training program is designed as a hands-on workshop during which participants take part in several innovative exercises. The course introduces participants to concepts in communication and financial analysis. After participants prepare their own short proposal, the day concludes with an analysis of one of the participants’ own proposals. The Making the Case program provides participants with techniques, tools, and hands-on experience with building the business case for an EM investment, whether the participant’s role is internal (securing buy-in from support staff or decision makers) or external (selling an EM project to a customer).​