Solar Alberta: Working with Wire Providers

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Hosted by Solar Alberta Instructors: Maureen Kolla and Paula McGarrigle 4 nights; November 1, 3, 8, and 10; 7-9 p.m. MT; $225 CLASS DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE MEMBERS GET 10% OFF. SIGN IN BEFORE REGISTERING. The class will be offered through Zoom webinar. All participants will be forwarded login information once registration closes. GENERAL LEARNING OUTCOMES This course is for project managers, developers, engineers, electricians, technologists, sales representatives, and other industry professionals looking to learn about navigating the grid-interconnection process for a variety of projects from small rooftop solar to large solar farms. The course will introduce the wires providers in Alberta, outline the regulatory landscape, walk through interconnection processes, highlight typical project hurdles, and offer guidance on tools to help project interconnection. Upon completion of this course, you will learn: Overview of transmission and distribution systems in Alberta Industry stakeholders: utilities, retailers, generators, system operators, regulators Relevant regulations governing renewable energy development Application processes and requirements Information and tools to help navigate the connection process Best practices and examples of good and bad applications Metering responsibilities WORKSHOP INSTRUCTORS: Maureen Kolla, Director of Grid Modernization & ESG, Solas Energy Consulting Dr. Maureen Kolla has over eight years of experience in the renewable and alternative energy sector with most in technology development and funding. Maureen is skilled in research, strategic planning, project funding and proposal development, technical and business evaluations, fostering collaborative relationships and effective communications. She is experienced in developing funding programs to support geothermal energy, energy storage, smart grid and clean technologies. She has a deep understanding of the Alberta electricity framework and the electricity industry. Maureen joined Solas Energy as a Project Manager in 2021, becoming Director in 2022. Her work is focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and reporting, and market entry strategies for grid modernization, energy storage, electric vehicles, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen. Maureen has earned a B.Sc. and M. A. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. Paula McGarrigle, Managing Director, Solas Energy Consulting Paula McGarrigle has over twenty-four years of experience with most in deployment of renewable energy technology in North America. She has significant experience in renewable energy policy work, renewable energy project development with over 24 GW of project development experience, business development and climate change. Since founding Solas Energy Consulting in 2009, Paula has been a leading voice on sustainability and clean energy. Paula has significant experience in working in multiple regulatory and policy regimes; negotiation and administration of power purchase and equity/acquisition agreements; renewable energy integration into electric grids and electricity markets and wind forecasting. Paula’s deep understanding of renewable energy, energy markets, and sustainability make her a leading voice on the electricity industry and energy transition. Paula has earned a B.Sc in Biology and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA. She is a Professional Engineer, registered with APEGA. YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR 2/3 OFF WITH THE CANADA–ALBERTA JOB GRANT! PAY 1/3 OF THE PRICE: Consider combining several of our classes in your application. Any cumulative class hours over 21 hours can qualify you for the Canada–Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), which covers 2/3 of the class cost. It takes about 2 months for an application to be processed, so sign up in advance. Click Here for More Information and To Apply. Please direct your questions about the Job Grant program to a Workforce Consultant of Alberta Labour. They can be reached by email, at, or phone: 780-638-9424 within Edmonton, or toll-free 1-855-638-9424. CANCELLATION POLICY: By registering for this class, you are agreeing to our Cancellation Policy. Please read the Cancellation Policy before purchasing


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