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Casper JornaCJ

Casper Jorna

Fascinated by complexity, how availability to knowledge creates change and how beautiful things emerge from an entangled world.

Peter WalshPW

Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh is an Australian-American professional organizer, writer, and media personality. Walsh became an American citizen i...

Scott AnnanSA

Scott Annan

Scott is the founder of You can follow him on twitter or reach him by email.

Netmode Blog tin tức giải trí làm đẹpN

Netmode Blog tin tức giải t...

Netmode (Website chính ) được có mặt trên thị trường có mục đích cung cấp tri thức hữu dụng về sức khỏe,...


NAIMA Canada

NAIMA Canada (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) is an association for insulation manufacturers.

Christopher KutarnaCK

Christopher Kutarna

Dr Kutarna is an emerging public intellectual with an international profile. He was named a ‘Global Top Ten Speaker on the Futu...

Mike MasonMM

Mike Mason

I help mobile game companies grow their user bases, monetize users, and publish their games. I have been involved in the produc...

Andy MagnessAM

Andy Magness

I am many things--everyone is, right? I'm a father, husband, trained physicist, former teacher, race director, climber, surfer,...

James ClearJC

James Clear

James Clear writes at, where he shares ideas about using behavior science to master your habits and improve y...

dangky loto188dl

dangky loto188

Dang ky loto188 de trai nghiem lo de online 1 an 99 tai Viet Nam loto188 la nha cai lon nhat Dong Nam A ve xo so truc tuyen cas...

Charlie HoehnCH

Charlie Hoehn

My name is Charlie Hoehn, I’m 27 years old, and I’m currently living in Austin, Texas. Over the past few years, I’ve w...

Game Bai V8GV

Game Bai V8

Với sự phát triển của công nghệ ngày nay, game bài đổi thưởng có sức hút không thể chối từ, bạn có thể giải trí và kiếm...

Clean Air PartnershipCP

Clean Air Partnership

Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is a charitable environmental organization launched in June 2000. We enable communities to improve ...

Joseph RansomJR

Joseph Ransom

Hi, My name is Joseph Ransom professional Tech Blogger and Digital Marketer. I have been works in this sector more than seven y...

Britni NordineBN

Britni Nordine

Britni Nordine is passionate about helping others build authentically branded lives, dreams, and businesses.  Sh...

Elton KuahEK

Elton Kuah

Asian International Player- a serial entrepreneur, speaker for entrepreneurship, columnist for E27 Singapore, external con...

Casey AmesCA

Casey Ames

Optimal Soccer is your go-to for soccer nutrition. Bringing you the latest and best information to make the most of your diet.

Ella WilsonEW

Ella Wilson

Ella Wilson has been a content manager and ghost writer at My Assignment Tutors, now she is a part-time educator and an editor ...

Het Groene BreinHB

Het Groene Brein

Het realiseren van een circulaire, inclusieve economie – dát is de missie van Het Groene Brein. Met de laatste kennis uit de we...

Mai Bat Di Dong Hoa DatMD

Mai Bat Di Dong Hoa Dat

Mái Bạt Di Động Hòa Phát Đạt chuyên sản xuất, gia công các loại bạt che nắng mưa, ô dù quán cafe, dù sự kiện. Các loại mái che ...

Game bài Đổi thưởngGt

Game bài Đổi thưởng Top game bài đổi thưởng thẻ cào uy tín 2020. Danh sách cái game đánh bài đổi thưởng phiên bản PC,I...

Jessica MeadowsJM

Jessica Meadows

Taking a fast loan has become much easier. PayDay Loans reviewed lender-connection service that connects people with lenders fr...

Alexa McConnellAM

Alexa McConnell

I'm passionate about FOOD, wine, travel, sports, sustainable living and life long learning. (But mostly food).

Andy CockburnAC

Andy Cockburn

I am a carpenter, a teacher, a Passive House consultant and a communicator. I want to help people and organizations to see a b...

Building KnowledgeBK

Building Knowledge

At Building Knowledge, our mission is to improve the performance, quality, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency of homes ...

Sylvie LeeSL

Sylvie Lee

I joined the CBRP family as the People Change Management Manager in October 2018. My main task is to facilitate the “coming tog...

Marni MelroseMM

Marni Melrose

Marni Melrose is a three time, award-winning Technology Evangelist and Systems Imp...

Ahmed Foued ZAYATIAZ

Ahmed Foued ZAYATI

National Mechanical Design Engineer & Coach on Personal Strategic Planning | Owner and Founder of ZAF Design

Jason DaleyJD

Jason Daley

Venture Catalyst creatively juggling life as family man, portfolio business entrepreneur, innovation advisor, startup hustler &...

Craig McIntoshCM

Craig McIntosh

Content Marketer, Hold a Masters Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computing. I blog at www.rainm...

Global Learning SchoolGS

Global Learning School

Global Learning School series is sponsored by Network of Indian Environment Professionals LLC which hosts "Indian Environm...

REALTOR.caR, Canada’s No. 1 real estate platform, is a trusted resource owned by REALTORS® .

Karen PhelanKP

Karen Phelan

Client Operations Manager Karen is a currently a member of the Philips onsite Managed Services team at Augusta University Medic...

Meghan FoleyMF

Meghan Foley

Is a member of Team Super Awesome, loves dirty puns, bacon, and the cello. No. Seriously. She loves the cello.