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Tower Renewal Partnership

Tower Renewal Partnership is a nonprofit initiative which works through research, advocacy and demonstration. Our goal is to transform postwar towers and their surrounding neighbourhoods into more sustainable, resilient and healthy places, fully integrated into their growing cities.

Selling Energy Efficiency

Resources to help you increase leads and close more sales on your energy retrofit products and services. Learn what really matters to homeowners and how to connect that to energy retrofits. Get up-to-speed on rebate programs to offer expert advice and savings to your clients. Plus, download marketing materials for easy advertising in print or digital.


Stay up to date on House-as-a-System (HAAS), a building science concept that defines the house as an energy system. This home performance approach can increase customer satisfaction by lowering utility bills through reducing energy use, improving home comfort and building durability, reducing environmental impact, and improving air quality, health and safety.

About the HPSC

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council (HPSC) works with qualified contractors committed to working together to advance home performance in British Columbia. Our commitment is to serve as the lead industry facilitators to increase the supply and demand for BC contractors to deliver quality, affordable services for consumers that focus on whole-home performance. Home performance is a holistic approach to identifying and addressing energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety-related issues to make a home perform better.

Circular Skills

Met Circular Skills werkt Leren voor Morgen aan het overbruggen van de kloof tussen het beroepsonderwijs en de circulaire beroepspraktijk.

Routekaart Duurzaam Onderwijs

De routekaart is voor elk onderwijsniveau toepasbaar en biedt scholen de kans om een eigen unieke visie en strategie voor duurzaamheid in het onderwijs en de schoolorganisatie te maken. Deze routekaart is gebaseerd op het Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, ook wel bekend als ‘The Natural Step’, de Whole School Approach en Participatief Actie Onderzoek. Voor meer duurzaam onderwijs check out https://guides.co/a/leren-voor-morgen/


Read the latest from key industry players on the top marketing tips for non-profits, the private sector and government.