10 t-shirts ideas for anti-Trump

The 2020 presidential election is coming soon in more than 1 month! You are a Biden supporter, a Trump hater, or simply a person who does not give a shit on politics but love to show your humor? Then you should not miss these 10 genius anti-Trump t-shirt ideas, any of which will make you outstand in anti-Trump protests and show your attitude.

1. Expect a cloud, expect a circus t-shirt

If you think that Trump as President is such a joke, then this t-shirt was designed for you. This t-shirt is simple but contains a cool slogan. But be careful, it will definitely make Trump supporter offense.

anti-Trump t-shirt 1
Anti-Trump t-shirt for people who love sarcasm

2. Trump lies t-shirt

This one is tenser! You have enough of Trump's lies and scandals? Then this design will speak for you. Putting on this t-shirt, you will not have to answer the question of why you hate Trump that much.

anti-Trump t-shirt 2
If you like go straight to the point, this t-shirt is for you

3. 8645 t-shirt

This design is for an-ti Trump who loves simplicity. 86 (eighty-six) is the wordplay of "getting rid" and 45 means the 45th president of the United States - Donald Trump, so 8645 means "getting rid of Donald Trump". Cool, isn't it?

an-ti Trump t shirt 3
8645 t-shirt

4. Orange lies matter t-shirt

You may not know that Trump is so-called Orange because of his using too much tanning products that make his skin turn to orange. Hence, we have Orange lies matter.

an-ti Trump t shirt 4
Orange lies matter t-shirt

5. Trump is an idiot t-shirt

The next anti-Trump t-shirt design that will satisfy you is this one: idiot. Short, clear, and focus, that is everything we talk about Trump as the president of the United States.

anti-Trump t-shirt 5
Trump is an idiot t-shirt

6. Byedon t-shirt

If you are a pro-Biden and Trump hater at the same time, then this design is undoubtedly made for you. Byedon is a wordplay on Biden's name (the largest enemy of Trump in election campaign 2020, which means "Bye Donald Trump". You show your support to Joe Biden and your hate on Donald Trump at the same time, kill two birds in one stone!

anti-Trump t-shirt 6
You will need this t-shirt if you are a pro-Biden

7. American horror story anti-trump t-shirt

The American horror story is the name of a series on Netflix. But it's not just a show, it's the reality. Trump is nothing but a horror story to the United States.

anti-Trump t-shirt 7
American horror story anti-trump t-shirt

8. Remove stubborn oranges stains t-shirt

And here is the next Trump hater t-shirt that you can wear to join the Trump protest. Anti-Trump who love vintage style will love this design by its old color and interesting design.

anti-Trump t-shirt 8
Vote t-shirt

9. Trump make America racist again

Being racist is just one of several things that people hate about him. Though saying "Make America great again", what he did was "Make America racist again". If you want to mock his racism, then this one is made for you.

anti-Trump t-shirt 9
Trump make America racist again t-shirt

10. Dump Trump 2020

While Trump is running his "Trump 2020" campaign, you can wear this "Dump Trump" t-shirt to protest it.

anti-Trump t-shirt 10
Dump Trump 2020 t-shirt

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