How much does gorilla glue cost?

I recently discovered this little bottle of gorilla glue that I had on hand (I know, I know: you are not supposed to use that stuff until there's a good reason for it.) But I just realized that I could use this glue on my dryer vent in the closet. It would be a great way to fix a hole in a vent, and it would work like any other dryer vent repair: just make a hole in the vent, stick on the glue and watch it dry!

There are a few things I want to note though: gorilla glue is pretty strong stuff, so as of right now I cannot use it on duct tape; because of the chemical nature of the glue it is not safe to use it on paint or varnish that needs to be wiped off the walls. Also, if you are going to use this glue for any purpose that requires the use of it on anything that is wet, then you will need a separate container of dryer vent repair glue.

The bottle of gorilla glue that I picked up a while ago cost me $2.50. Which means that the cheapest way to buy a bottle of gorilla glue is to be able to buy a bottle of a cheap brand of duct tape (like TP-Liner or similar).