Introduction - High Performance Timber Framing

Brian Hayes loves building. As a part of Bellwether Craftsmen, a member-held LLC, he's pushing the envelope to create sustainable, long-lasting, healthy, durable assemblies. On this current project in Vermont, Brian is using a Smart Enclosure: a vapor-open, airtight wall system made of sustainable materials, resulting in a building made nearly entirely from wood, but done in a way to make it high performance. At the cross-section, the assembly is simple. From inside to exterior it's: interior finish, service cavity, INTELLO X (airtight smart vapor retarder), 2x6 wall with dense pack cellulose, 1/2" sheathing, GUTEX wood fiber board insulation (WRB and insulation in one), rainscreen, exterior finish.

Learn more about the Smart Enclosure, INTELLO X, and GUTEX insulation on (USA), or (CANADA).