Masonry Retrofit Smart Enclosure

It's time to build like the future depends on it. The Smart Enclosure offers a 21st century guide to advanced high-performance building assemblies. It's is a tool kit that can help you maximize the positive impact of your building projects: providing optimized comfort, safety, energy efficiency and negative carbon emissions.

475 co-founder and ebook author, Ken Levenson, explains the ideal window detail for a historic masonry retrofit according to 475's latest e-book release. Download it for free from in the US and in Canada. This detail is one of many found in this book. Subscribe to get updates about other Smart Enclosure releases. The entire series covers a framework of decision-making consisting of 7 principles and 3 tiers of assembly performance, customized for eight different assembly types. These tools are designed to help architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, building owners, and other building professionals make smarter, more intentional choices in their material selection and design process. Those choices can improve the lives of building occupants and the health of our biosphere.

Fiden Exo Image courtesy of Ecological Building Systems