We need to brave new ways.

Although we travel different paths, we're all coming to this same realisation.

For some of us, the path to getting here has been an inward journey: a growing recognition of stress and fatigue, of fragmentation and disconnection, of schedules too full to do what matters most, of minds too busy to reflect upon the new choices we might make.

For some of us, the path here has been an outward journey. The global financial crisis. Democracy in crisis. A global pandemic, and other pandemics underway still struggling for recognition - like mental health or public debt. The side effects have now become the main result. Solving crises of our own making has now become society's primary purpose.

Some of us have come to this realisation from the past. Outdated ideas, norms, institutions or habits keep frustrating the ways we want to travel. Our horizons keep expanding, but obsolete maps try to trap us onto familiar avenues of thought, action and being.

Some of us have come to this realization from the future. It's a future that is less hierarchical and more networked. Less about extraction and more about creation. Less about flows of oil and more about flows of photons. The next twenty years may be the most transforming in all human history. We can reach a new world of abundance. But it won't simply arrive. We'll have to achieve it.

From all these directions - inward and outward, past and future - we are coming to a common conclusion: making progress now is not simply a matter of more or faster, but differently.

How to Basecamp is a guide for bringing forth the new ways needed to navigate a complex world.

It is the collective, living output of a global community of practice, who share a commitment to break down personal, interpersonal, and collective constraints to how we think and act.