There was a time when chain links, walls, split rail lined with wire were in vogue. You took a tour around in the neighborhood, and all you could see was ugly fences, high on functionality but low on beauty. All the houses had a fortress-like feel to them which gave them privacy but none of the aesthetics. Each garden has a story, about its people and their personality, and you surely don't want the rusty fences to tell your narrative. The garden fence is a starting point, one which greets your visitors, hence it is extremely important to design it thoughtfully.

Thankfully, we have moved on from these rusty fences and ugly walls. Today we have a lot of fences which are gentle yet durable, soft yet functional, beautiful yet offer privacy and above all they provide a stunningly pleasing aesthetic. Here's how to choose the right fence for your garden which will meet your privacy and functional needs yet meet your style needs.