Career Apprenticeship Pilot Program (CAPP)

Attract and secure quality, young talent to sustain and grow your business through the new CAP program.

There are multiple benefits and impacts for employers who recruit, hire and train apprentices. Some key returns on investment include the following (sourced from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum ).

  • Apprenticeship is a tried and true method of recruiting and maintaining talent.
  • Apprentices learn your business first and moulded to your culture and team priorities. They learn how you run business including the unique and specialized skills that best serve your operations and priorities.
  • An employee who has joined your organization through an apprenticeship program will be a better fit, and will build good relationships with your customers, team and stakeholders.
  • Employers with apprentices enjoy higher sales and profits.

This unique pilot program will accelerate the careers of graduates from the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's University by assisting in finding their first full-time employment in Kingston through a funded apprenticeship with a committed employer.

Alan Rottenberg - a proven business leader in the technology sector - took the initiative to conceive, fund, and launch a "Career Apprenticeship Pilot Program (CAPP)" in partnership with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and Queen's University.