Adding A Dropdown Menu Box

You can add a drop-down menu of available options to your product page. Your drop-down menu can contain up to ten selections for your buyer to choose from. You can also set a price variation for each of the selections.

To add a drop-down menu:

1. From the My Products tab of the Store Manager, from your product list, click a product to edit it.
2. Under Options and Inventory, check the box next to I want to add product options like size and color.
3. Click Manage Options.

4. From Product Options, click Add Option. Click Drop Down Menu.
5. Next to Title, type short instructions for your buyers (for example: Choose an option).

The title will be displayed on the product page next to your drop-down menu. It will also be displayed next to your buyer's choice in the shopping cart and during the checkout process.

6. Under Title, in the first field, type a name for your drop-down menu item.

You can add up to ten choices to your drop-down menu. Your buyer will be able to choose one.

7. In the surcharge field, type the difference in price for this product option.

Your surcharge value indicates whether or not the price of the product will change when a buyer selects a particular option. For example, if you are selling shirts for $12.99 and you would like to charge an additional 50 cents for a large size, you will set the surcharge value at $0.50 for the Large option. Similarly, you can set a discount for a particular option by setting the surcharge value to $ - 0.50. The change in price will appear when your buyer adds the customized product to the shopping cart.

Tip: If you set a surcharge, you may want to indicate this in the drop-down selection name (e.g., Large (+$0.50))

8. To add another option, click Add Selection.
9. Repeat Steps 6-8 until you have added all of the menu items. Click OK.

To delete an option from the list, click on the trashcan icon to the right of the listed option.

Your item has a drop-down menu.

You can add up to two product options to each item.