Connecting Your Wix Store To Authorize.Net

Connecting your Wix Store to your Authorize.Net account is easy! Once you have connected your store to Authorize.Net, payments will be made directly into your Authorize.Net account.

To connect your Wix Store to Authorize.Net:

1. From the Wix Editor, click your product gallery to select it.
2. From the Product Gallery property panel on the right of the Editor, click Manage Store.
3. From the Store Manager, from the top menu, click Payment & Currency.
4. Under Method, select Authorize.Net from the drop-down menu.

5. Under API Login ID, type your API login ID.
6. Under Transaction Key, type your Transaction Key.
7. Under Your Email Address, type the email address that you use to sign into your Authorize.Net account.
8. Click Save.
9. Under Currency, select your currency from the drop-down menu.
10. Under Weight, select a unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.

Your Wix Store is connected to your Authorize.Net account.

Customizing your Authorize.Net Checkout Page

Personalize your checkout page by adding a logo and message for your customers.

To customize the Authorize.Net Checkout Page:

1. From Payment and Currency, click the customize your checkout page link.

2. From Customize Checkout Page, click Add Image.
3. Select an image, and click Add Images.
4. Under Message Header, add a title for the checkout page.
5. Under Message Body, add a message for your customers.
6. Under Footer Text, add additional details for your customers.

Examples of footer text can include special offers or return policy information.

7. Click Save.

You can choose to open the checkout page as a pop up, so that buyer's will not need to navigate away from your site!
To set this up, from the editor, click the shopping cart. Under Buyers checkout, choose in a pop up window from the drop-down menu. For more information about designing your shopping cart, click here.

Your Authorize.Net Checkout Page is customized.

Please note: You can also contact directly- if you are having any issues.