Part 1: Going Beyond Net Zero Ready Energy Homes: Transitioning Homebuilding to a Low Carbon Future

Industry experts discuss 'A Homebuilder's Path Forward'. Topics include codes and programs, operational and embodied carbon reduction, electrification, supporting technologies, ESG, next steps, and everything in between.

Expert Panel:

  • Derek Hickson, Senior Advisor, Low Carbon Energy Solutions, Enbridge Sustain
  • Peter Moonen, Leader, Sustainability Coalition, Sustainability Coordinator, Canadian Wood Council/Wood WORKS!
  • Sean Mason, Founder, SEAN.
  • And more!


  • Codes and Programs: The Next 10-20 Years
  • Carbon, Operational and Embodied; Why BOTH Matter
  • Electrification: Little Steps, Big Challenges
  • Embodied Carbon: Wood is good, right?
  • HVAC: Hybrid Technologies to Prepare for 2030 & Beyond
  • Domestic Hot Water Electrification: The 2nd Elephant in the Room
  • Intro to Enbridge Sustain: Developing Options and Support for 2023 & Beyond
  • What Kind of Technologies or Support does the homebuilding industry need NOW?

Host: Building Knowledge Canada