Motherhood is probably the hugest transition a woman makes in her life, and I know how tough it can be-lack of sleep, non-stop demands on your attention, and a body that is completely different from the one you use to know. Don't get me wrong-it's a whole lot of wonderful too-and part of enjoying that wonderful is feeling energetic, strong, and happy yourself.

In my work as a post-natal-fitness trainer, I meet amazing mothers every day, and I see you are such incredibly smart and interesting women. It's my deep desire to help you feel great in your bodies and spirits. I created this Mom and Baby exercise guide to help you get started.

This guide is designed for EVERYBODY at every post natal fitness level! It offers fun, SAFE and effective exercises designed specifically for the post natal participant. Cardio, resistance and functional core training are combined to get you into better-than-before-baby shape and provide you with the energy you need to keep up with your growing family.

Whether you're just getting back to being active, you're starting to get back in shape, or you haven't worked out in years, let's work together to reach our fitness goals and be proud of what we can do and not what some stupid piece of metal in the floor says!

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