Before You Start...

Do Not Proceed If:

• The attic has active knob-and-tube wiring.

• The attic has vermiculite insulation.

• Bathroom or other exhaust fans are vented into the attic.

• The house has a leaking roof.

• The house has a fireplace with no access to combustion makeup air after air sealing occurs.

• The house has significant moisture or mould issues.

• Active radiant ceiling panels are present in the attic.

Important Notes:

Soffit, ridge, and gable vents are all intentional openings that must be kept open for ventilation. They should not be sealed.

Only use the joists and rafters to move around on. Do not step on the ceiling.

Storage in the attic is discouraged because of the risk of compressing the insulation and reducing the insulation R-Value. If storage is planned, a platform should be constructed above the insulation to hold storage items without compressing the insulation.