With proper precautions and training, air sealing and insulation weatherization work on homes should pose little to no threat to the health and safety of the contractor or the occupants of the home. However, improperly used building materials and tools can be dangerous to users or occupants, or can damage the building, so it is important that contractors read and follow all manufacturers' recommended safety and installation procedures. Wherever possible, less harmful and lower VOC air sealing and insulation materials should be used, particularly if materials will be exposed to interior living space.

The following pages summarize some of the key points to consider, with references provided for further information on occupational health and safety procedures. A health and safety checklist for contractors, provided in the appendices, covers some of the major considerations. However, the health and safety information in this guide is neither comprehensive nor complete, and those performing weatherization work should always be appropriately trained and aware of the safety risks associated with the work.