With over 1400 apps in the Shopify App Store, finding the best Shopify apps to enhance the selling abilities of your online store is not an easy task.

If you search for a feature in app store search, let's say "email popup", there might be hundreds of apps showing up. How to pick up the best quality apps that provide the exact function you're looking for, at the best pricing, with the best customer support to back you up?

In this article, we hand-pick 15 best Shopify apps worth your try, which we have ourselves tested and assessed based on comparison with other similar options. Especially, all apps in this list are either free forever or starting from free version for you to try at no cost.

Dig into the list to discover how these awesome Shopify free apps can help you build a successful yet cost-effective online business, in every way you can imagine.

Original published at Beeketing's Blog: Best Shopify Apps 2017 (Free)