Improving Assisted Living In Houston With A More Accessible Kitchen

Low-Cost Solutions For Improving Kitchen Accessibility

Having an accessible kitchen can offer both empowerment and comfort to older adults in the home. The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It is here that memories are made and basic needs are met. For this reason, it must be easy to navigate through the kitchen and it must be safe. A few low-cost updates can make great strides in allowing older adults to enjoy their independence at home. Houston assisted living agencies understand this and want to help.

Before you embark on a major overall, let's examine the low-cost options that will work in the kitchen.

Cabinet Pulls

It can be difficult at best to grasp knobs on cabinets for someone who has limited manual dexterity. It can slow them down and frustrate even the most patient person. The ADA requirements state nobs should be easy to grasp and open with just one hand. There should be no requirement to twist the wrist or grasp the knob tightly to get it to work. Replace standard knobs with a U-shaped knob that is easy to use and grasp.

The Faucet

Faucets should be easy to reach a person in a wheelchair. Is there enough room for it to roll up to the side of a sink? While it may be somewhat unconventional, it may make things more accessible if they're lower than normal.

Additionally, a single-lever faucet is easier or even a touch faucet for those who are struggling with mobility issues. Also, be sure that there are temperature controls to avoid burns.

Cabinets And Drawers

It can be difficult for those in wheelchairs to crouch down and find a lid or a pot in lower cupboards. Instead, install full-extension drawers and shelves to ensure that they can simply pull them out toward themselves and find what they're looking for.

For those who can afford lower cabinets, these are an ideal option for older adults in wheelchairs.

Visual Help

For some who are in assisted living, limited vision is an issue. There are many great low-cost solutions. Contrasting borders that show where floors end and walls begin are ideal solutions.

Red nail polish on the "off" position of stoves is also ideal to help those who are in Houston Assisted Living whether the appliances are on or off.

Work Surfaces

Budgets may not allow for remodels that will lower kitchen countertops, however, there are many low-cost options such as work tables that can be lowered to the right height for a wheelchair that is 30 inches in height. This can make food prep far easier.


Often, the most simple of changes are the best. Before you embark on a complete overhaul, look at how things are currently done. Can there be items on lower shelves? How about a lazy Susan? There are many easy to make changes that don't cost a dime and can make huge differences.

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