Staying Ahead of Houston Caregiving With Modern Technology

How Technology And Houston Caregiving Go Hand In Hand

Research indicates that it is particularly important for the elderly to interact with friends and family members. In fact, doing so can help them to live longer. One study found that maintaining social connections with others has as much of a positive impact on aging as maintaining healthy habits does.

It is not always possible for family members and friends to visit with a senior in person, however. That is where technology comes into play. Caregivers can connect with their loved ones in a few simple ways.

Stay In Touch With Social Media

Social media can help seniors virtually interact with others. They are able to communicate thoughts and feelings on sites like Twitter and Facebook. A Houston caregiver should embrace this trend and help their charges get in touch with others in this manner.

A Nucleus smart home intercom system is another option to look into. It lets seniors chat via a video camera with family members and friends. The other person simply needs the app or their own device. This system is very easy to operate; seniors only need to push a button to get in touch with others. It also allows them to "call" someone if they need help.

Play Video Games To Stay Sharp

While kids still love video games, they are also turning into important tools for older adults as well. There are a number of health benefits associated with playing video games, and these benefits extend to seniors as well.

While many people believe that video games strain the eyes (and in some circumstances, they can), studies indicate that video games can actually help with vision. The research centered around seniors with cataracts. After spending time with first-person shooter games, these individuals stated that they could see better.

Therefore, caregivers should encourage seniors to play video games, either on a daily or a weekly basis.

Use Apps For Organization

One goal of caregiving is to help seniors be as independent as they can be. Many seniors need to take medicine, and they must do so accurately in order to be alone for any length of time. Apps are a great way to help elderly individuals keep track of their medication. Caregivers should look into which ones are best.

There are a lot of apps on the market, which can make it hard to find what you are looking for. However, the University of Sydney spent a lot of time going through the different apps and noting which ones were both easiest to use and most helpful. Several stood out, including MedicineList+, My Heart My Life, Alar Meds and Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker.

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