Increasing User Engagement of Guides: A Blueprint.

Driving engagement and usage of Guides within your organization will be key to ensuring your team members and clients get the most value out of Guides. Your organization invested in Guides because the value of having information that is easy to find, easy to keep up to date, and easy to share is important to your organization's efficiency and success. This is especially true in today's world as information that is not accurate can be a liability to an organization.

Whether on-boarding a new hire, a new client, or ensuring that existing team members and clients have the information they need are key to overall productivity, success and happiness of all engaged in the organization. Guides makes it easy to organize and find information. And there are many opportunities to create and share documents and collaborate on the Guides platform to help everyone find useful information to make them more effective within the organization.

Simply put using Guides to it's full potential will help your organization be more successful. Let's take a look at some best practices to help you get the most of out Guides.