It is less than a month until Black Friday. We bet you are working your ass off, just like everyone else, to prepare for this holiday season. Well, it is reasonable to put sale off tags on every item you have. And yes, you soon would notice a huge amount of traffic coming to your stores. However, if you are a brand new online shop owner, the scenario could be reverted to no customers, no traffic at all (oops!)

Whether you an e-commerce master or an online selling dummy, you should not waste this golden opportunity to boost your sales! BFCM is sure crazy, but we could help you raise the revenues without losing track in the mad shopping crowd!

Here is the quick checklist for you:

  • Make sure your website is optimized (yeap, no slow loading site)
  • Collect a massive database
  • Give out early hints on social media
  • Put on smart promotions like up-sell or cross-sell offers

That is lots of work to do, especially for new shop owners. We assure it would pay off soon. But how can you enjoy this shopping season (while still getting more revenues)?

The key is AUTOMATION.

Original publish at Beeketing's blog: Black Friday Survival: A Complete Guide to Set and Forget