The Future Feels Just Right.

Put your summer fan in cold storage. Say "good-bye" to your office sweater. You won't need them anymore. You're not too hot. You're not too cold. You're comfortable. That's the beauty of a well-designed building, and efficiency is the key.

It's often said that good design is 99% invisible. When the elements of our physical environment conspire to meet our needs, our experience of the world feels seamless and smooth. We walk across the kitchen, getting dinner ready, without feeling the floor beneath our feet. We give that great presentation in the conference room, without worrying: is it getting too stuffy in here?

As any builder or architect will tell you, it takes intention and good planning to achieve this invisible comfort in the places where we live and work. It is an art, a science, and - more than ever - an imperative. That's because when our homes and buildings fail us, they fail the planet too.

The energy we use to power, heat, and cool our buildings and run our appliances accounts for 17% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. Every time we have to pump up the thermostat to offset a drafty window or crank up the air conditioning to get some relief on a hot summer night, that's our homes and buildings letting us down. Just about every month of the year, we end up wasting energy and money to get what we need from our homes and buildings.

Given what we now know about climate change and the incredible strides in home and building innovation, it doesn't make sense for us to live that way anymore. We have the ability to make our homes and buildings work for us - to anticipate our physical needs while lowering our energy costs and our environmental impact.

Canada is building smart for a future that feels just right. This is the story of how we get there, together.