Callmama: A Complete Guide to Calling Mexico from the United States

Calling friends or family in Mexico from the United States can seem complicated at first. However, with the right tools and information, it's how to make call to mexico from us. In this complete guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about calling Mexico from the US.

Overview of Calling Mexico from the US

There are a few different options for calling Mexican phone numbers from the US:

  • Using your regular cell phone plan is usually an expensive option with high per-minute rates. Only good for short calls.
  • Calling cards - Prepaid cards with access numbers you dial before entering the Mexican number. More cost-effective for longer calls.
  • VoIP services - Make calls over the internet using an app or adapter. Very low rates to Mexico. Best option overall.
  • Skype - Make voice and video calls to Mexico over the internet. Low per-minute rates.
  • Mobile apps - Apps like WhatsApp offer free voice and video calls to Mexico. Require both parties to have the app.

The best option will depend on your specific needs and who you are trying to call. Below we'll go into detail on how each method works.

Using Your Cell Phone Plan to Call Mexico

For most major US cell phone carriers, calling Mexico is considered an international call. That means high per-minute rates that can really add up for anything more than a brief call.

For example, AT&T charges $2.39/min to call Mexico. Verizon's rate is $2.42/min and T-Mobile charges $1.59/min. With rates like that, a 1-hour call would cost around $140!

These cell plan rates do come down a bit if you enroll in an international calling package, but those usually only include a limited number of minutes. Once you use up the minute's allotment, you go back to paying the standard high rates.

The bottom line is that using your regular cell plan is only a sensible option for very short calls to Mexico lasting just a few minutes. For longer conversations, you'll want to use one of the other options below when making calls to Mexico from the US.

Calling Cards to Mexico

Calling cards are a popular method for making inexpensive calls to Mexico from the US. Here's how they work:

  • Purchase a prepaid calling card in whichever denomination you need - $5, $10, $25, etc. Many are available at convenience stores, supermarkets, and online.
  • When you're ready to make a call, dial the access number on the back of the calling card. This connects you to the calling card provider's system.
  • Enter your calling card account number.
  • Dial the full Mexican phone number after you hear the prompt.
  • Per-minute rates with calling cards can be as low as 2-3 cents per minute. Much cheaper than cell plans!

Calling cards let you get around the high rates charged by cell providers. The main downside is you have to dial an access number and enter account info each time, which can be tedious.

Popular calling cards to call Mexico include:

  • STAR Global Call - Rates from 1.9 cents/min
  • Nobelcom Calling Card - Rates from 2.9 cents/min
  • IDT International Calling Card - Rates from 1 cent/min

No matter which calling card you choose, be sure to look out for hidden fees, connection charges, and maintenance fees which can drive up the cost.

Using VoIP to Call Mexico

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the most modern way to make international calls. With VoIP, your voice call is converted into data packets and routed over the internet, bypassing traditional telephone networks.

There are two main ways to call mexican number from us

VoIP Calling Apps

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the most modern way to make international calls. With VoIP, your voice call is converted into data packets and routed over the internet, bypassing traditional telephone networks.

There are two main ways to use VoIP for cheap calls to Mexico:

  • VoIP calling apps - Apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, and Skype allow you to call any other user worldwide for free or very cheap. Just make sure the person you're calling in Mexico also has the app.
  • VoIP phone services - Services like Vonage, Ooma, and MagicJack provide you with a virtual phone number to make inexpensive international calls. Rates for calling Mexico are usually under 5 cents per minute.

VoIP calls to Mexico are very affordable, and reliable, and provide excellent call quality. For a full guide on how to call the US from Mexico using VoIP technology, check out: how to call us from mexico.

Using Skype to Call Mexico

Skype deserves special mention as one of the original tools for cheap international calling. Here's a quick rundown of how to use Skype to call Mexico:

  • Get a Skype account - Download the app and create a free account at
  • Buy Skype Credit - To call Mexico landlines and mobiles, you'll need to purchase Skype Credit or a subscription.
  • Call Mexico - Open your contacts, enter a phone number, then click call. Rates start at 2.3 cents/minute.
  • Receive calls on Skype - Your friends/family in Mexico can call your Skype ID for low rates if you get Skype Credit.

Skype allows both calling and video chatting with Mexico for pennies per minute. The catch is that both parties need to have Skype accounts and internet access. But if both sides are able to use Skype, it's an excellent free option for video calls.

Using Mobile Apps to Call Mexico

In addition to VoIP apps, there are some other helpful mobile apps that let you call Mexico on the cheap using WiFi:

  • WhatsApp - Offers completely free voice and video calls between WhatsApp users. Just both parties need to have the app.
  • Facebook Messenger - Free voice and video calls over WiFi between Facebook friends.
  • Viber - Free Viber-to-Viber calls worldwide-also cheap rates for calls to non-Viber numbers.
  • Google Duo - Video call app by Google. Works across Android and iPhone.

The benefit of apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is that calls between users are completely free. A limitation is that both sides need to have the app downloaded to connect a call.

Finding the Best Option for You

To summarize the different options covered so far:

  • Cell phone plans - Convenient but expensive for more than brief calls
  • Calling cards - Cheaper rates but can be tedious to use
  • VoIP services - Best overall rates and call quality
  • Skype - Good option if both parties have access to Skype
  • Mobile apps - Free calls if both sides have the same app

For most people, using a VoIP service will be the best mix of low cost, convenience, and call quality. Apps like WhatsApp are great for video chatting with family who already have the app. Calling cards can serve as a backup option if you can't use VoIP.

Choose the method that makes the most sense for who you are trying to call in Mexico and how often you call. With the right solution, you can enjoy long talks with friends and family in Mexico without breaking the bank.

Tips for Clear Calls to Mexico

Once you've chosen the best option for calling Mexico, follow these tips for the clearest connection:

  • Check internet speed - For VoIP calls, faster is better. Call quality depends on your download speeds.
  • Use a landline - On the Mexican side, a landline provides clearer calls than mobiles.
  • Try different locations - Changing locations in your home can improve VoIP quality if you have internet dead zones.
  • Contact your provider - If call quality is consistently poor, contact your VoIP provider to troubleshoot.
  • Limit background noise - Lots of background noise makes it harder to hear. Find a quiet spot without distractions.
  • Be patient - Connections to Mexico don't always go smoothly. Repeat words and be patient if parts are garbled.

With a few small tweaks, you can maximize voice quality for every call to Mexico. Taking the time to get a good connection makes longer conversations much more enjoyable.

Getting a Mexican Phone Number

In some situations, you may want to have a phone number with a Mexican area code rather than calling Mexico from your US number.

There are a couple of options for getting a Mexican number:

1. Purchase a Mexican SIM card

When traveling to Mexico, you can purchase a Mexican SIM card for your unlocked cell phone. Insert the SIM card and you'll have a Mexican number as well as a local Mexican plan while you're there.

You can buy SIM cards from providers like Telcel, Movistar, or AT&T Mexico once you arrive in the country. However, this option only works for short trips. The service gets disconnected if you don't regularly top up the account from a Mexican bank.

2. Get a Mexican virtual number

Virtual phone numbers based in Mexico are ideal if you need a longer-term Mexican phone presence. With a virtual Mexican number:

  • You can receive calls and texts to the Mexican number which forwarded to your US phone.
  • Make outgoing calls that display your Mexican number.
  • Provides a Mexico-based business identity and local presence.

Services like Flynumber offer virtual Mexican numbers starting around $3/month. Forward the number to your US mobile, landline, or VoIP app.

Having a virtual Mexican number makes it easy and affordable to establish a Mexican presence for longer than just a short trip.

Sending Texts to Mexican Cell Phones

In many cases, sending a text message can be easier than trying to connect a phone call.

Mexican mobile numbers have the same format as US numbers - a +52 country code followed by a 10-digit mobile number.

To text a Mexican number:

  • From a smartphone - Add the Mexico number to your contacts. Open your messages app and select the contact to compose a text as normal.
  • From a landline - Major phone carriers like AT&T and Verizon offer email-to-text capabilities. Email the Mexico number carrier's domain.
  • Using a mobile app - Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger let you text Mexican numbers. The user must also have the app installed.
  • With a virtual Mexican number - Get incoming/outgoing texts when you add a Mexican virtual mobile number.

Texting uses minimal network data, so costs are negligible compared to calling. Verizon and AT&T charge a $.25 international SMS fee for texts to Mexico.

Cheap and Convenient Options for Staying in Touch

Whether you call, text, or video chat, connecting with loved ones in Mexico is convenient and affordable. With so many choices, you can stay in regular contact without language or distance getting in the way.

From quick check-ins by text messaging to long Sunday night conversations, all the options outlined above make calling and communication smooth and easy.

Staying part of each others' lives, even from across borders, has never been simpler. Give a few of these options a try to bring your US-Mexico connections even closer.

Call Quality and Reliability to Mexico

One concern when calling Mexico is ensuring a reliable connection and good call quality. Here are some factors that can affect calls to Mexico and tips to improve quality:

Cellular networks - Mexico has an extensive mobile network, but coverage can still be spotty in rural areas. Using landlines provides more consistently clear calls.

Time of day - Call congestion is lowest late at night and early morning when fewer people are using the phone networks. Avoid peak evening call times if possible.

Weather - Heavy rain or wind can sometimes interfere with signal transmission and degrade call quality temporarily.

VoIP connection - For VoIP calls over the internet, higher broadband speeds provide clearer quality. WiFi is preferable to mobile data.

Remove background noise - Finding a quiet place to talk improves sound isolation and reduces ambient noise. Use headphones if necessary.

Speak clearly and slowly - Enunciate words fully and avoid mumbling which can make understanding difficult. Pausing between sentences helps too.

Be patient - Repeat any phrases that get garbled in transmission. Stay patient if connectivity is spotty.

With a few small efforts - choosing landlines, optimal call times, and vigilance over call quality - you can achieve great connection reliability to Mexico for productive and enjoyable conversations.

Review of Best Practices for Calling Mexico

To wrap up, here is a quick review of some of the best practices covered for keeping calling costs low and maximizing call quality:

  • Use internet-based options like VoIP services, Skype, or mobile apps for cheap rates
  • Call from a landline rather than mobile when possible for clearer quality
  • For VoIP calls, make sure your internet connection is fast and stable
  • Check call volume charts and consider calling outside high-volume evening hours
  • Move to locations with less background noise and distractions
  • Remind family and friends in Mexico of these tips to optimize from their end
  • Be patient with any call challenges and keep trying!

Follow these tips and you'll be calling Mexico like a pro. But most importantly, remember the purpose is meaningful connection. Don't let small call frustrations get in the way of the conversation!

Affordable Communication Opens Up Relationships

We hope this guide provides everything you need to call Mexico cheaply and clearly. With rates as low as 1 cent per minute using services like Callmama, staying connected with friends and family in Mexico is very affordable.

No matter whether they are just across the border in Tijuana or all the way down in Cancun, you'll be able to call without worrying about huge phone bills.

What method do you find works best for calling Mexico? Let us know in the comments below!