Calling Cuba from the United States can seem complicated, with restrictions on phone service between the two countries. However, it is possible for US residents to call Cuba, as long as you follow some specific steps How to Call Cuba from us.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about

  • An overview of phone service between the US and Cuba
  • Different options for calling Cuba from the US
  • Step-by-step instructions for calling Cuba
  • Tips for getting the best rates on calls to Cuba
  • Common questions about calling Cuba answered

Overview of Phone Service Between the US and Cuba

After more than 50 years with no direct phone service between the United States and Cuba, phone calls between the two countries became possible in 2015. This was part of the restored diplomatic relations initiated by President Obama.

However, there are still many restrictions in place for communication between the US and Cuba. Normal telephone service has not been established between the countries. All calls must go through designated carriers instead of regular long-distance providers.

Special international calling rates apply for calls to Cuba from the US. The Cuban government also places limits on US numbers that can be dialed from Cuba.

These restrictions mean you can't just dial a Cuban number directly from your phone like a normal international call. But with the right carrier and calling plan, it is possible to place ccall Cuba from us.

Options for Calling Cuba from the US

There are a few different options for Americans wanting to call Cuba From usa:

Using a phone card

One of the most popular options is to use an international calling card or PIN to dial Cuba. Calling cards allow you to call Cuba at discounted rates, using an access number and PIN code.

Some of the top calling cards for calling Cuba from the US include:

  • Lucky Minutes - Rates from 1.2¢ per minute
  • Vox Cuba - Rates from 1.5¢ per minute
  • Cuba SIM - Rates from 2.8¢ per minute

To use a calling card or PIN, you dial an access number, enter your PIN code, and then dial the Cuban number. It's a simple option for calling Cuba directly from your phone.

Call over the Internet/VoIP

Another option is to use Voice over IP calling, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. This allows you to call Cuban numbers over an internet connection calling Cuba From us.

To call Cuba with VoIP, you need to open an account with the VoIP provider. Then you can call Cuban numbers through their app or software.

Calling Cuba through the Internet is usually the cheapest option. Rates start from around 1¢ per minute. Just make sure both parties have a strong internet connection.

Use a telecommunications provider

There are now a few licensed carriers that provide direct telephone service between Cuba and the US:

  • IDT - Offers consumer plans for calling Cuba. Rates from 15¢ to 20¢ per minute.
  • Cubacel - Cuban state provider. Must set up an account in advance.
  • AT&T - Offers Cuban roaming packages on select phones.

These providers let you call Cuba directly without using calling cards or VoIP. But rates are usually more expensive than other options.

Travel to Cuba and get a Cuban SIM card

If you are traveling to Cuba, getting a Cuban SIM card lets you call Cuban numbers at local rates. Popular Cuban cell providers include Cubacel and Nauta.

However, this only works while you are in Cuba. Once back in the US, you would need to switch back to other options for calling Cuban numbers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Calling Cuba from the US

Once you've chosen the best option for your needs, here is a step-by-step walkthrough for calling a number in Cuba:

With a calling card/PIN:

  1. Purchase a calling card or PIN code to Cuba.
  2. Dial the access number for your calling card provider.
  3. When prompted, enter your PIN code.
  4. Dial the Cuban number you wish to call. Be sure to enter the country code 53 before the Cuban local number.
  5. You will hear ringing before the Cuban party answers. Enjoy your call!
  6. You will be billed at the rate advertised by your calling card company.

With VoIP:

  1. Sign up with a VoIP provider such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  2. Open your VoIP app and select "Call" or "Voice Call".
  3. Enter the full Cuban number, including country code 53.
  4. The app will connect the call through the internet.
  5. Pay per minute based on the VoIP provider's rates.

With a telecom provider:

  1. Sign up for a Cuban calling plan with a provider like IDT or Cubacel.
  2. Using your registered phone, dial the full Cuban number, including country code 53.
  3. Complete enrollment/authentication steps if required.
  4. The provider will connect your call.
  5. You will be billed according to the rates and fees of your calling plan.

Tips for Getting the Best Rates

Calling Cuba can get expensive, but there are ways to reduce your costs:

  • Use Internet calling - VoIP apps provide the cheapest calling rates.
  • Try discounted calling cards - Compare rates from different calling card companies.
  • Call at off-peak times - Evening or late-night calls usually cost less.
  • See if you qualify for discounts - Some providers offer discounted rates for seniors, military, etc.
  • Buy bulk minutes - You'll typically save per minute if you buy larger minute packages.
  • Avoid peak days - Calling on holidays or weekends can be more expensive.

Also be aware that calls from Cuba to the US cost significantly more, up to $3-$4 per minute. Budget accordingly!

Common Questions about Calling Cuba

If you're new to calling Cuba, you likely have plenty of questions. Here are some of the most common:

Is it legal to call Cuba from the US?

Yes, phone calls between the US and Cuba are 100% legal and no longer prohibited. As long as you use designated carriers, you can call Cuba just like any other international destination.

Can I call Cuba on my cell phone?

In most cases, yes. As long as you have an international calling plan or use a calling card/VoIP service, you can call Cuban numbers on your regular cell phone. Some carriers like AT&T also offer Cuba roaming packages.

Are there Cuban area codes?

Yes, Cuban area codes range from 31 to 39. When calling Cuba from the US, you dial:

011 (exit code) + 53 (Cuba country code) + City code + Local number

For example 011 53 7 212 1234

What if I don't speak Spanish?

It's a good idea to have a translator on hand if you don't speak Spanish. Try a calling service like Verbalizeit that offers real-time translation for phone calls. Most Cubans in major cities have some basic English skills as well.

How much does it cost to call Cuba?

Costs vary by calling option but plan on rates from 15¢ to $2 per minute for calls from the US to Cuba. Internet calls are cheapest at 1¢ to 5¢ per minute. Always check rates before calling Cuba.

Can I call Cuba from my landline?

Yes, landlines can be used to call Cuba as long as you have service with a provider like IDT. Calling cards are also an option. However, landline calls are often more expensive than VoIP or cell phone options.

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