Calling Cuba from the United States can seem complicated, but with the right tools and information, it's easy to stay connected with friends and family in Cuba. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to make to Call Cuba from the US, including the best calling cards, dialing information, and more.

Overview of Calling Cuba from the US

After decades of restricted telecommunications between the US and Cuba, it's now possible for Americans to make Calls to Cuba relatively easily. There are a few different options:

  • Landline to landline - Direct calls between US and Cuban landlines are possible, though expensive at $2-$3 per minute. You dial 011 for an international call, then 53 for Cuba, then the area code and number.
  • Cell phone to cell phone - US mobile carriers like hyperlink text allow you to call Cuba for $2-$5 per minute typically. You can also use VoIP apps like WhatsApp to call Cuba mobile phones very cheaply.
  • Calling cards - Prepaid international calling cards offer one of the most affordable ways to call Cuba from the US. You dial a US access number, enter your PIN, and then dial the Cuban number. Calls cost as little as 3 cents per minute this way.

Despite diplomatic relations normalizing between the US and Cuba in 2015, telecommunications remain challenging. US phone companies still do not have direct connections into Cuba. But using prepaid calling cards, VoIP, and some mobile plans, it's very affordable to call Cuba today.

Best Calling Cards to Call Cuba from the US

Calling cards are the most cost-effective method for making regular Dialing Cuba landlines and mobile phones. Here are the best calling cards for calling Cuba from the United States:

  • hyperlink text: One of the top cards for calling Cuba with rates as low as 2¢ per minute. No connection fees or hidden charges. High-quality calls and great customer service.
  • Lucky Minutes: Another solid option for calling Cuba with low per-minute rates and an easy-to-use Android and iPhone app.
  • Boss Revolution: A well-known international calling service with affordable Cuban calling rates under 3¢ per minute. Boss Rev also has an app that makes it easy to manage your account.
  • Cuba SIP: A VoIP-based calling card ideal for making cheap calls to Cuba using an internet connection rather than a normal phone line. Rates less than 1¢ per minute.

When comparing calling cards to call Cuba, look for low per-minute rates, good call quality, easy ways to recharge your balance, and any extra fees. Using prepaid calling cards is almost always cheaper than using your regular mobile phone plan.

How to Dial Cuba from the United States

To Best calling card for Cuba directly from a landline or mobile phone in the US, you need to dial:

011 - US exit code for international calls 53 - Cuba's country code Area code - For example Havana is 7 Local number - 8 digits

So a full number would be 011 53 7 xxx xxxx. The area codes in Cuba are 2 digits long and local numbers are 8 digits long, just like North American numbers.

Here are some examples of calling Cuban numbers from the United States:

  • Calling a Havana Landline: 011 53 7 878 1111
  • Calling a Cuban Mobile Phone: 011 53 55 123 4567
  • Calling Santiago de Cuba: 011 53 22 xxx xxxx

If you are calling Cuba using a calling card or VoIP service, you will first dial their US access number, then enter your PIN code, then dial 011 53 and the full Cuban number. This lets you access cheaper international rates when calling Cuba rather than using your regular phone carrier.

Tips for Calling Cuba

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when making calls to Cuba:

  • Have patience - Connections can be unreliable and it may take a few tries to get through. Be persistent and keep calling back if you don't connect.
  • Avoid peak times - Try to call early in the morning or late at night Cuban time when phone traffic is lower.
  • Know the time difference - Cuba is in the Eastern Time Zone, the same as New York, Toronto, and Miami. It's one hour ahead of Chicago.
  • Buy more minutes - Top up your calling card balance or plan ahead to avoid running out of minutes during an important call. Most cards make it easy to add more funds online or using your mobile app.
  • Consider VoIP services - Apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, and Skype allow very cheap calls to Cuba using WiFi data instead of phone minutes. This can be a good option to try alongside your calling card.
  • Have all your info ready - Ensure you have the exact Cuban number and proper international dialing details on hand when you are ready to place the call.

With the right prepaid calling card, a little patience, and a VoIP app as backup, you'll be talking to your loved ones in Cuba in no time. It's very affordable to call Cuba from America in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calling Cuba

If you still have questions about the best way to call Cuba, here are answers to some common questions:

Can I call Cuba directly from my cell phone?

Yes, most US mobile carriers allow you to call Cuba but it can be expensive at $2-$5 per minute typically. Double-check your carrier's international calling rates before dialing.

Are there still restrictions on calling Cuba?

No, there are no more legal restrictions on Americans calling Cuba. However, direct telecom connections between the US and Cuba remain limited. That's why calling cards offer the cheapest rates.

Do calling cards work on mobile phones?

Many calling cards offer apps for iOS and Android that let you make cheap international calls from your smartphone using the card's rates. You dial the app instead of directly dialing.

How do I pay for a prepaid calling card?

Most cards accept online payments via credit card, PayPal, or other methods. You can also buy refill cards at convenience stores. Top up the balance before you run out of minutes.

Can I receive calls on my calling card?

Unfortunately, inbound calls to your calling card number are not possible. Calling cards only allow you to dial out internationally at lower rates. For receiving calls, use a VoIP service that provides you with a local US number.

How do I dial Cuba using WiFi calling?

With apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, or Skype, you can call Cuban mobile numbers over WiFi by adding 53 before the local Cuban number. This allows very cheap calls using WiFi data instead of phone minutes.

Calling friends and family in Cuba is very affordable and convenient using modern options like calling cards, VoIP apps, and occasional direct calls from your cell phone. Follow the tips above to save money and have better conversations with your loved ones in Cuba from the United States.