Canada’s First Net Zero Luxury Home

January 11, 2018

Guelph, Ontario home builder Tiberworx Custom Homes released Canada's first certified Net Zero luxury home this fall. Working closely with Tiberworx, Building Knowledge helped provide expert insight into the Net Zero building process for this innovative home.

What is a Net Zero home?

A Net Zero home produces as much clean energy as it uses, meaning that the amount of energy supplied to the grid balances what's drawn, leaving the home with net-zero energy consumption. Net Zero homes are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes because they are built with onsite renewable energy systems and are designed with different features meant to reduce household energy consumption.

A Net Zero home has three requirements:

  1. Reduce the home's energy needs.
  2. Include renewable energy systems that create enough energy required to operate the home.
  3. Design for exceptional occupant comfort and health.

What is a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Home?

A CHBA Qualified Net Zero Home is a home that is recognized by CHBA, based on evidence from the builder, that its Qualified Net Zero Service Organization and a Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisor have met the Technical Requirements, including the energy performance rating using NRCan's EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) to be designed, modelled and constructed to produce as much energy (from on-site renewable energy sources) as it consumes on an annual basis. Source: Canadian Home Builders' Association.

New Zero Luxury Features

Being the first of its kind in Canada, the Timberworx luxury custom home comes equipped with all kinds of innovative energy conserving ,creating, and storing features. With over 50% more insulation, high performance windows and incredibly low air leakage, this home requires only small amounts of heating and cooling to stay comfortable. In addition, 20kW solar panels are invisibly integrated into the home's roof, allowing the home owners to maximize the sun's power without jeopardizing the stylish design and aesthetic of the home.

The home is heated with a dual fuel mechanical system that runs from radiant natural gas or air source heat pump with the ability to fuel swap depending on what's more affordable e.g. natural gas or electricity from the grid.

The Tesla Powerwall battery system meets the daily energy needs of the home, provides a back-up in case of a power outage, allows the homeowners to sell power back to the grid and can be used to charge solar powered vehicles.

The home owners were keen to find a home that is architecturally pleasing, timeless and includes all the amenities that a luxury home owner would expect in addition to being sustainable, smart and high performing. Timberworx was able to deliver a home that is truly 'future proofed' being built to exceed building codes from the year 2030 and beyond.

Working with Building Knowledge

"It has been an awesome experience working with BKC! The Net Zero building process was new for us and somewhat stressful to ensure we got it right. The BKC team was there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns and provide great advice. This, in my opinion, is what any builder who wants to go down the Net Zero Path will require."

~ Shawn Marsh, Tiberworx Custom Homes