The purpose of this Challenge Paper is to start an online dialogue leading up to basecamp: London on November 3 & 4, 2019. A space where table group participants can provide feedback and identify areas of alignment, disagreement and add their input to all areas of the paper so that dialogue at basecamp: London can focus on clarifying potential action options around ideas, opportunities, coalitions and "expeditions" that may arise as a result of this dialogue.

Sponsor of this paper

This paper was co-written by Jörg Reckhenrich and Markus Hipp. Jörg is an artist and systemic consultant. He transfers the key principles of art to the organizational context. Visual thinking and building social sculptures are core elements of his research. Markus Hipp has been a member of the board of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since 2006. He is passionate about the idea of Place - Making, to open up for deep dialogue and deep personal and societal transformation.